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Current Special Exhibition

“Craft for All of Us — Selections”
—Highlighting Shiseido’s mission to bring beauty to everyday life—

Period: September 11 (Tue) – November 25 (Sun), 2018

Closed on Mondays (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)

The Shiseido Art House is pleased to announce the exhibition “Craft for All of Us — Selections,” a retrospective on the first phase of the “Craft for All of Us” exhibitions held from 2015 to 2017.

The “Craft for All of Us” exhibitions featured group showings of works by well-known contemporary artisans, among them ceramicists Imaizumi Imaemon XIV (1962– ) and Uchida Koichi (1969– ), glasswork artist Matsushima Iwao (1946– ), and lacquer artists Ogura Norihiko (1958– ) and Konishi Yasuko (1968– ). Once a year these artisans created new works around the theme of “the things we use in everyday life” and exhibited these at the Shiseido Art House, along with representations of situations imagining their everyday use. These exhibitions were yet another extension of Shiseido’s history, since its founding in 1872, of not only creating beautiful, stylish things—from products to packaging to advertising materials—but also of attempting to bring a sense of artistry, from the perspective of a cosmetics company, to all aspects of everyday life.
In that sense, “Craft for All of Us” proposed a beautified way of living that begins with the ordinary objects we find around us and use in our everyday lives.

This exhibition brings together various tools, implements, and art works selected from three years of “Craft for All of Us” to recreate a snapshot of beauty in everyday life, and as such represents a retrospective on the first phase of “Craft for All of Us.”

■Related Events

Gallery Talks by Curators of Shiseido Art House
  • Date:
  • September 21 (Fri), October 27 (Sat) and November 17 (Sat), 2:00 PM –2:30 PM for each date

(This schedule is subject to change without notice due to unforeseeable circumstances.)

  • Venue:
  • Shiseido Art House
  • Participation Fee: None
  • Registration for Participation: Not required

Please contact the Shiseido Art House for details:
Tel: 0537-23-6122; Fax:0537-23-6315

■Selected Works for Reference

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    • 1. Imaizumi Imaemon XIV, “Fukizumi-sumihajiki (glaze masking by sprayed ink) coffee cup with a silver grass pattern,” 2014
    • 2. Uchida Koichi, “Teapot with a handle on its back and inwrought with platinum filigree,” 2014
    • 3. Matsushima Iwao, “Iridescent lotus petal with a relief pattern,” 2014
    • 4. Konishi Yasuko, “Dark green raden (mother-of-pearl inlay) box,” 2014
    • 5. Ogura Norihiko, “Shell-inlaid makie tea caddy with a thistle pattern, 2014
    • 6. Sekino Kohei, ”Vermillion-lacquered raden (mother-of-pearl inlay) round tray, 2011
    • 7. Imaizumi Imaemon XIV, Uchida Koichi and Tomimoto Kenkichi. “Breakfast on a holiday”