Shiseido’s Creative Division, formerly know as the Design Department, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016.

Since its founding, we have inspired new values through a timeless aesthetic that continues to evolve to this day. The “SHISEIDO DESIGN NEXT 100” icon symbolizes our outlook: a future of creativity and design to take us into the next century and beyond.

This is the home of Shiseido beauty, alive with the spirit and passion instilled by those who came before us.

The staff of the Creative Division, Shiseido.

*Renamed in January 2018. Formerly the Advertising and Design Department.


The Creative Division is made up of over 100 creative professionals. Discover our latest work and the thinking behind it.

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In-depth conversations between team members and leading creative professionals from a range of industries.

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Without being bound to the frame of current cosmetics, we conduct research on state-of-the-art digital communications and develop content based on current social perspectives for publication on the website.

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