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Appearance changes due to side effects of cancer treatment, birthmarks, dark spots, vitiligo, skin irregularities (scars, burn scars, etc.) may greatly affect Quality of Life (QOL) and become obstacles to one's social life. We call makeup for those with serious skin problems and appearance concerns "Shiseido Life Quality Makeup" and established a special facility, "Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center" at Ginza, Tokyo in 2006.

In addition to the Center, Shiseido Life Quality Makeup is offered at more than 380 cosmetics specialty stores, department stores and medical institutions in Japan, as well as through overseas activities in various locations in Asia such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan (Taipei and Kaosiung).

Through these activities, we aim to realize a society where people become happy by improving their QOL, and supporting their power to be themselves so more people can return to active social life.

Activities started in 1956

After World War II, there were many people in Japan who had been burnt in the ravages of war. "Shiseido Spots Cover" was developed for humanitarian purposes to utilize Shiseido's unique capabilities for those with keloid scars, in order to alleviate their psychological burden. It was a foundation with which one could obscure his/her scars and uneven skin. Although similar products were sold at a price almost 10 times higher in the U.S. at that time, Shiseido Spots Cover was sold at the same price level as foundations for general use and in a wide variation of colors so that even men were able to use it. It was an unprecedented product at that time.

We have met people with many serious skin concerns since then, developed foundations according to each purpose and have become capable of handling a wider variety of skin types.

Targeting a wider variety of skin types

Targeting a wider variety of skin types

  • Spots Cover (1956)

    Spots Cover (1956)

  • Perfect Cover Foundation (Present day)

    Perfect Cover Foundation (Present day)

  • technological advances

Expanding activities

In 2012, due to our long nurtured research, development and activities, "Guidelines for vitiligo examination" for dermatologists stated the recommendations for cosmetic covering; we also gained more opportunities to present in academic journals and societies, and the necessity of makeup was acknowledged as part of the treatment by medical professionals.

There are more unsolved skin problems that can be covered by makeup. We will cooperate with university hospitals and develop products and technologies in order to deal with an even wider variety of skin concerns.

We will also create chances to meet the next generation and let them know more about the serious skin/appearance concerns, and also that there are ways to cover these concerns by makeup.

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