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Utilization and development of human resources

Human Resources Development Policy

Shiseido has been earnest in its human resources development since it was founded. The Company, in fact, was once known in society as "Shiseido" which translates to "hall of scholars."
Once again going back to the starting point, we will aim for the target stated in VISION 2020, to be a company "filled with energy" and "that the younger generation adores". To that end, we will be developing many personnel who create innovations and new consumer values, and thus strengthen the Company through human efforts and create an organization that is a notch above competitors.

Therefore, we have established the working principles, "BIG WIN 5" which are principles of actions to achieve VISION 2020, and "Organization and Human Resources Principles" that define the ideal organizations and personnel. These are the principles of human resources development and require employees to take on customer-centered challenges, keep taking actions, have people motivated and lead others by setting examples worth following.

Performance Management

Aiming to link individual employee's growth to that of the company, and to produce great achievements as an organization, we have introduced the Performance Management since 2016.
Most ability development is achieved through job experience.
Therefore, Shiseido conducts ability development at each job site within a consecutive process in which each person takes on the challenge of high goals, acquires new knowledge and skills, develops their abilities using them, while managers support their growth through coaching and giving feedback.
We conduct continuous training concerning the Performance Management for managers who are the key of this process. Further, for individual knowledge and skill acquisition, we support them by providing collective training according to levels and specialties, e-learning and distant learning courses.

Human resources utilization and development on a global level

As a result of the shift to the matrix organization system, which consists of the horizontal axes of 5 brand businesses and vertical axes of 6 regional headquarters, human resources utilization and development on a global level are becoming more and more important. Due to this, we have started promoting global talent management, in which we fully utilize people’s capabilities through a series of processes, such as human resources employment, selection, development, and appointment.
For example, we aim to develop human resources capabilities to use appropriate personnel in appropriate positions and to prepare for the future with global perspectives. Through the Shiseido Leadership Academy, we find excellent personnel on a global level, promote mobility between regions and enhance leadership at every layer from the young to the top. The Shiseido Leadership Academy provides assessments and collective training to managers selected from all over the world, as well as offers the future leader program for young employees In non-managerial positions creating opportunities of voluntary participation in domestic/overseas MBA courses and overseas residential-type intensive English training (full time/short time), etc.

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