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Good Relationship with labor union

Based on the concept that "good labor-management relations are fundamental to corporate management," the Shiseido Group actively promotes information sharing regarding general corporate activities and discussions with employees to resolve issues in a concerted manner.

Shiseido Company, Limited and certain Group companies' (including overseas subsidiaries') employees are organized according to labor unions. In Japan, Shiseido's labor union, representing Shiseido Company, Limited, Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. and certain affiliates' employees, adopts and operates the Union Shop System (applicable to approximately 10,200 Shiseido Group employees in Japan as of January 1, 2017).

In the union agreement document, Shiseido Company, Limited and Shiseido's labor union confirmed aims to "recognize the social mission of Shiseido's business, strive to realize sound development of the Company and maintain and improve the economic and social status of employees, thereby sustaining labor-management relations based on goodwill and trust." On this basis, both parties aim to honor their mutual stance and hold management councils as well as labor-management discussions in consideration of various issues.

Overseas subsidiaries are also doing business while respecting labor laws and regulations of respective countries, and are thereby striving to build and maintain sound labor-management relationships through communication with management, labor unions and employees.

Good Relationship with labor union
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