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Safety and health of employees

Health Management Policy

Shiseido is pursuing companywide personal development as it strives to achieve its vision of filling the Company's organization with interesting and talented people. It is of paramount importance that each and every employee be able to work in a fresh and lively manner, healthy in body and spirit, and we believe that healthy living is the foundation of personal development. That is why Shiseido has established its basic health management policy to protect the invaluable health of each and every employee and supports their physical and emotional wellness.

<Shiseido’s Basic Health Management Policy>

As a company supporting "This moment. This life. Beautifully." for customers, Shiseido promotes healthy, sound management. This helps each and every employee to live "This moment. This life. Beautifully." by being physically and emotionally well, in turn.

  1. 1.Employees will actively take various initiatives, such as improving lifestyles, to be healthy, and the Company will support employee health through the health business.
  2. 2.Shiseido will support employees through creating a safe and comfortable workplace environment so that each and every one can fulfill a professional role by fully exercising their abilities.
  3. 3.Shiseido will promote health management based on compliance with laws and regulations while thoroughly pursuing the appropriate use and management of personal information, including health information.

Promotion Structure of Safety and Health

Complying with laws, the Company holds hygiene committees in Shiseido Group offices in Japan and makes screening tours of the offices to create a safe and comfortable work environment. The Global Innovation Center and factories have established occupational safety and health policies, and safety and health committees. Accordingly, respective entities regularly check and point out hazardous areas or dangerous behaviors that require improvements. Measures are also being taken at the domestic factories to prevent the occurrence of major accidents by setting the goal of eliminating layoffs caused by disasters every year.

To ensure that the basic health management policy functions effectively across the Shiseido Group, the Company holds a Local Hygiene Council seminar in each area to discuss companywide promotion of health programs and efforts suitable for results of the area. Participants include the human resource managers of domestic Shiseido Group companies, industrial physicians, occupational health nurses, regular nurses and other industrial health staff and health insurance union representatives.

Safety and Health Education for Employees

Shiseido distributes a pamphlet entitled "Achieving Physical and Mental Health" to all employees as a means of promoting the health of each and every employee. The company provides information under various themes centering on measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, which requires self control. Also, in addition to health counseling, we are also implementing programs such as health-related seminars and conducting the following health education.
We have also established an external cooperative counseling office in order to respond to employees’ care in a wide scope and have established the counseling system that can offer support 24 hours a day, all year round.

Preventing lifestyle-related diseases

We have added optional items of regular health checks from which employees can choose voluntarily in addition to the legally required items, thereby raising employees' interest toward their own health management through health checks.

We promote activities to prevent lifestyle-related diseases through transmission of industrial health staff providing individual health instructions, etc. to employees based on the national regional assignment. Shiseido also distributes information on the company intranet and issues periodical materials to promote health education among all employees and promotes health education with wider targets through employee e-Learning, etc.

Providing mental healthcare

An in-house mental health counseling office is established. A counseling system that realizes cooperation with workplaces and healthcare is established mainly with specialized counselors and industrial physicians. In addition, we have also established an external cooperative counseling office that can offer support 24 hours a day. Shiseido is conducting self-care training for general employees and line-care training for managers.

In addition, Shiseido has clarified the steps for returning to work for those who have taken long leaves and also established uniform standards (guidelines) for Shiseido Group in Japan to enable workplace returnees to return to the workplace more smoothly.

Discouraging tobacco use

Shiseido is implementing non-smoking in the company with the objective of improving employees' health, enhancing customer satisfaction and fulfilling social responsibility. Enlightenment activities included no-smoking days to foster understanding within the Company prior to implementation of the non-smoking rule.

Supporting women's health

We conduct/promote female health checks with the health insurance union.

Shiseido is implementing Health Seminar for Women as necessary at its domestic business sites where the majority of employees are women. The seminar aims to increase awareness for managing individual health and explains diseases that are specific to women according to life stages.

Interview to prevent long-time work

To prevent health disorders due to long-time work, Shiseido business sites have established an original standard following statutory standards and industrial physicians are conducting interviews among employees.
Industrial physicians provide appropriate advice and instructions to individuals and the Company with the aim of preventing health damage of employees.

Others and Overseas

Information calling attention to infectious diseases is posted on the intranet for employees traveling overseas while a booklet on infectious disease prevention is distributed to employees prior to their transfer to work overseas.

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