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Enhancement of corporate ethics

(1) Enhancement of corporate ethics in workplaces

We have assigned the Corporate Ethics Promotion Leaders in each office in Japan to be in charge of the thorough informing and promotion of corporate ethics. In the overseas regions, Risk Management Officers are responsible for promoting a culture of ethics regionally. The Risk Management Officers are supported by the Business Ethics Officers at the affiliate level. The Corporate Ethics Leaders and Risk Management Officers regularly report the results of corporate ethics activities to the Compliance Committee.

(2) Training for all employees (Once a year)

Human rights enlightenment and corporate ethics training are conducted for all employees at all business locations of the Shiseido Group in Japan with emphasis on raising awareness through employee discussions.
In terms of promotion, Shiseido established a system of Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Committee within each division in Japan. Accordingly, all committee members gather at an annual meeting to discuss issues related to human rights in need of solution.
E-learning is conducted to raise awareness on human rights enlightenment, and various trainings are held to improve communication in various situations and create an open and free working environment.

(3) Position-specific training (Once a year)

The position-specific training is conducted according to respective positions in addition to training for all employees.

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