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Ensuring priority issues of Compliance

Shiseido Group Compliance Initiatives

The Shiseido Group is committed to complying with laws and regulations and internal rules, as well as to pursuing fair business practices with higher ethical standards in the development of the Group’s global business.

The Shiseido Group has instated the following three commitments to focus on in order to fulfil the Group’s social responsibility on a higher level, and declare group-wide compliance as follows.

1. Safeguarding of Personal Information as per the Importance of Protecting Customer Privacy

In an environment where information spreads instantaneously along with the growth of the Internet, it has become all the more important to safeguard personal information in order to protect customer privacy. The Shiseido Group will properly manage and never improperly use personal information, including customer data.

2. Proper Business Conduct Based on Fair, Transparent, and Free Competition (Prevention of Bribery and Cartels)

Bribery and cartels, which can impede fair competition, are strictly restricted under the laws of each country. In order to achieve fair, transparent, and free competition, 1) the Shiseido Group will not offer or receive entertainment and gifts that are suspected to be in effort to obtain illicit gains, regardless of whether or not the business is with government officials, and 2) the Group will also not engage in any cartel activities or any activities that give the appearance of participating in a cartel when conducting business.

3. Cooperation in the Supply Chain (CSR Procurement)

In order to contribute to sustainable growth in society, simply working from within the company is not enough—it is critical to cooperate within the supply chain itself. The Shiseido Group will maintain equitable relationships with our business partners in the procurement of products and raw materials, and will share and promote with our business partners activities that lead to the actualization of social responsibility such as respect for human rights, legal compliance, and environmental conservation.

Furthermore, we have also established the following rules as specified rules of the declaration of the three commitments listed above in regards to matters that all must comply with and handle.

  • “Compliance Rules Regarding Protection of Personal Information”
  • “Compliance Rules Regarding Prevention of Bribery”
  • “Compliance Rules Regarding Prevention of Cartels”
  • “Shiseido Group Supplier Code of Conduct”

We, at the Shiseido Group, persistently commit ourselves to compliance by requesting that all employees of the Group fully understand the above.

October 2015

Masahiko Uotani

Masahiko Uotani
Representative Director, President and CEO

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