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Whistleblower system

As the social environment continues to change, companies are required to make swift responses according to such changes. To ensure that any acts in violation of the law, employment regulations, or internal rules found in the Company are resolved internally before they become serious, the Company has established an entity for reporting (counseling) ethics concerns: the in-house Shiseido Consultation Office to receive inquiries and reports covering a wide range of topics regarding the workplace. Furthermore, the Company has also established the “Compliance Committee Hotline”, which specializes in reported cases, and “Report Mail to Auditors”, which receives reports concerning corporate officers.

The Company has also created and publicized through Ethics Card distribution, posters, intranet, etc., to employees a set of regulations setting forth an impartial means of investigating and resolving complaints and clearly prohibiting prejudicial treatment of whistleblowers (as well as individuals seeking advice) for each of the above entities, along with the means to receive inquiries, etc.

The Shiseido Consultation Office welcomes individuals seeking advice on a wide range of topics, relating to the Company's business and operations in general. The Office has worked to quickly resolve 231 (domestic) inquiries in FY2016.

Approximately 70% of the inquiries received in FY2016 were regarding relationships and words/behavior between superiors, colleagues, and subordinates as well as regarding labor management. Necessary measures were taken, such as internal investigations, etc., to resolve all of such inquiries. Furthermore, the Company aims to thoroughly prevent recurrence of those that must be regarded as issues for the overall workplace by calling attention throughout the Company by incorporating such issues in the management training, etc.

Overseas, the Company has established the “hotline” system, which is a Whistleblower system, as well as an entity to receive reports in each major affiliate. In addition, the Company has also established and notified employees of the “SHISEIDO Group Global Hotline” at the HQ to directly receive reports from employees of overseas affiliates.

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