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Initiatives in Production and Distribution

Shiseido America, Inc. Introduced Solar Power System

East Windsor, New Jersey-headquartered Shiseido America, Inc. (hereinafter, "SAI") completed the phase 1 of a fixed-tilt solar power system in May 2007. In August 2010, the company completed the phase 2 of the project by installing a solar tracking system that changes the angle of panels in step with the position of the sun during the day.With this installation, together with the system that was initially installed, the system is expected to cover more than 70% of electricity consumed annually at SAI using solar power generation. The system is ranked high among the largest installations in the state. In 2010, SAI received the New Jersey Governor's Environmental Excellence Award.

Date operational May 2007 (phase 1) and August 2010 (phase 2)
Annual capacity Approx. 2,300 MWh
CO2 emissions reduction Approx. 1,200 tons / year
Phase 1 installation (fixed tilt system)

Phase 1 installation (fixed tilt system)

Phase 2 installation (solar tracking system)

Phase 2 installation (solar tracking system)

Furthermore, East Windsor Factory has also been working on recycling Styrofoam, which is used to protect materials when materials are being delivered, since July of 2012. Although we used to dispose it of as landfill waste, we process it internally and sell it as valuable goods. Through this initiative, we can reduce the waste by approximately 7.5 tons per year and approximately 0.8 tons in CO2  emissions.

Utilization of Renewable Energy at Shiseido Group’s Factories in Japan

Our factories in Japan partially switched their electrical energy source to Aqua Premium, a hydroelectric generation system provided by TEPCO Energy Partner, Incorporated, in April 2018 as one of contributions to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Hydroelectric energy mark

Delivery Using 10-Sided Cardboard Boxes

Shiseido has introduced machinery for making 10-sided cardboard boxes for product shipments as well as for putting products into these boxes at the Kuki Factory. These boxes are currently adopted for TSUBAKI, SUPER MiLD, AQUAIR and SEA BREEZE hair care brands, etc.

The 10-sided cardboard box developed by Shiseido is configured with the four corners removed from a conventional six-sided box (octagon-shaped when viewed from the top) and since its strength is increased due to a higher number of support columns, can be made thinner than conventional paper cardboard boxes. At the same time, the box enables many products to be packed inside without leaving extra spaces, thereby making delivery more efficient.

The reduction in the amount of cardboard materials used and greater delivery efficiency have enabled Shiseido to save resources and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 800 tons annually. In this way, Shiseido promotes comprehensive environmental activities encompassing all processes from manufacturing to shipping and delivery.

Delivery Using 10-Sided Cardboard Boxes
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