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Environmental policy

Shiseido Eco Policy

Since 1992, when the Company adopted the Shiseido Eco Policy, a set of guidelines detailing how environmental considerations should weigh on management decisions, environmental protection has been a key effort in all of Shiseido's business activities.

Shiseido Eco Policy

In order to undertake efforts to preserve the global environment in all of Shiseido's business activities:

  1. 1.Consider the environment and use natural resources and energy with great care
  2. 2.Promote the development and application of new technologies that do not place a burden on the environment
  3. 3.Aim to raise the level of employee awareness toward environmental protection
  4. 4.Endeavor to work closely with local communities and society

For "The Preservation of the bounty of the Earth"

Our corporate name is derived from a passage in the Yi Jing, a Chinese classic text, which reads, "至哉坤元 万物資生" (Praise the virtues of the Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values).
As this passage suggests, respecting and valuing the global environment is the basis of Shiseido's existence.
To praise the virtues of the Earth, discover new values, and serve society are the missions of Shiseido, which receives blessings from the Earth. Today, this bounty is being lost at a rapid pace, casting into doubt our ability to pass it down to future generations. Shiseido has returned to its roots and reaffirmed the importance of conducting its business while acting as good steward of the Earth's bounty. We have embraced a "new Policy on Biodiversity" that places "the preservation of the bounty of the Earth" at the core of our environmental activities. This policy complements the first principle of the Shiseido Eco Policy ("Consider the environment and use natural resources and energy with great care"). Shiseido is pursuing the three principles of "conserving biodiversity (i.e., preserving the bounty of the Earth)," "reducing CO2 emissions," and "reducing use of resources." We aim to achieve a sustainable society through these principles.

Biodiversity at Shiseido

Shiseido is grateful for the benefits of the Earth, the source of new values. Recognizing that the resources of the Earth are limited, we will use them wisely and fairly for the sake of future generations. Working proactively for their conservation, we will strive to realize a sustainable society.

Meanwhile, we have consolidated our thoughts regarding "fresh water resources" as following, in 2013.

We will aim for sustainable water use with respecting the healthy water circulation and the water-related culture practices of the local community. First, we will create an understanding of the actual situation of our water use through the value chain of our business activities. Then, based on it, we will work towards minimizing the impacts on the water circulation and the local water-related culture.

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