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Environmental targets and results

Environmental policies and targets until year 2020

Minimizing the environmental load throughout the product life cycle

Minimizing the environmental load throughout the product life cycle consists of lowering environmental impacts throughout the life cycle in accordance with the Production Eco Standards, Shiseido's unique set of environmental standards addressing research and development, product planning, procurement, production, distribution, sale, use, disposal, and recycling.

We began using sugarcane-derived polyethylene for containers in order to save a finite petroleum resource and reduce CO2 emissions during disposal and incineration from fiscal 2011. In addition, we are actively working to increase the environmental friendliness of our products, for example by increasing availability of refill products and using paper manufactured from bagasse, environmentally-considerate paper products, such as bagasse paper*/FSC-certified paper, etc.

We are also moving to conserve water resources by reducing the amount of water required to manufacture and use our products.

* Non-wood paper made from bagasse, the residue left after extracting sugar from sugarcane

Environmental friendliness product targets

Environmental friendliness product targets

Global initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions

To reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, we endeavor to manage and reduce CO2 emissions at all facilities, including those located overseas (head offices, research centers [Global Innovation Center], production facilities, sales companies, and affiliates), starting in fiscal 2011.

CO2 emission reduction targets

CO2 emission reduction targets

*1 BAU ratio : A comparison of the CO2 emissions that would be expected if particular reduction measures were not implemented ("business as usual," or BAU) and the CO2 emissions that would be expected if reduction measures are implemented.

*2 Excludes facilities from which data has not yet been acquired.

Usually, greenhouse gases (GHG) includes seven gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, HFC, PFC, SF6, and NF3); however, on this website, these are expressed cumulatively as CO2 unless otherwise noted.
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