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Shiseido conserves the global environment that supports our business and people's life, and is striving for sustainable manufacturing. We aim to grow our business with minimal environmental load in the value chain not simply by executing environmental policies, but rather by adding compelling value to products so that consumers' hearts will be moved.

Environmental policy and results

Describes Shiseido’s conviction to the environment derive from its name and our management policy on the environment.

We introduce the Shiseido Group's environmental activity promotion system and addressing risks related to the environment.

Provides data about Shiseido's environmental targets and results.

Specific initiatives

Introduces the environmentally-friendly product initiatives.

The production departments promote initiatives with the focus on energy conservation/resource conservation.

Introduces the environmentally-friendly initiatives in research, procurement, distribution, and sales.

Introduces Shiseido activities related to conserving the blessings of the Earth.

Introduces the communication activities on the environment, such as Shiseido’s “Eco-First Commitment”.

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