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Employee-led social contribution activities

Social contribution activities by the Shiseido Group employees are mainly the “Mirai Tsubaki Activities” performed by the whole group, and the “Social Contribution Club” in Japan.
Mirai Tsubaki Activities is a social contribution activity in which all the employees in the Shiseido Group throughout the world have been participating from FY2012, the 140th anniversary of Shiseido’s foundation. By performing the activities that employees have formulated and planned themselves, we return our gratitude to customers and society that have supported Shiseido until today.
The Social Contribution Club provides activity programs for employees who are hoping to make a contribution to society, according to their various environments and schedules so that they can choose the activity appropriate for them; it is creating opportunities for the employees to contribute to society.

"Social Contribution Club," which was established in 2005, is a system in which domestic employees can casually participate in social contribution activities. With approaches such as "volunteer work" and "donation," we offer a number of activity programs. We have established various support systems for volunteer activities in order to establish the climate in which "each and every employee possesses a perspective for social issue solution and an opportunity to voluntarily consider and take actions" and to encourage employee-led social contribution activities to develop and expand their perspectives.

Shiseido Camellia Fund

“Shiseido Camellia Fund” is a social contribution activity promoted through donations made by Shiseido Group employees and friends of the Company. Each one donates a small amount of money to support the activities of NPO and NGO that aim to resolve social issues. Shiseido Group employees, who support the cause, participate in this initiative by saving money by the unit of 100 yen from their monthly salary.
Friends of the Company, who have retired, participate in the initiative by transferring money by the unit of 1,000 yen.
Volunteer employees as steering committee members promote the Camellia Fund within the Company and collect information regarding support requests and utilization situation of donations by directly visiting various supporting organizations, etc. Every year, they hold a steering committee to exchange opinions regarding the manner of operation, select new organizations to support, and assess support contents.
Since the establishment in 2005, a total of 230,700,598 yen (2005-2015) has been donated to the organizations which we support through donations.
In addition, we have also delivered a total of 56,368,960 yen to affected areas to help with disasters overseas.
The caring heart of each and every employee becomes one strong force to help society.

Presentation ceremony of the donations collected via the Camellia Fund in fiscal 2015
Presentation ceremony of the donations collected via the Camellia Fund in fiscal 2015
Presented by steering committee member to Mr. Hashimoto (left), Mr. Takada (second from left) of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Japan)

TopicsFY2015 recipient organizations have been selected

On December 2 (Tue), 2014, the 2nd Camellia Fund steering committee meeting (review meeting) was held in Shiodome Office and selected the recipient organizations for FY2015.
In the review meeting, open presentations by the organizations were held and evaluated by the steering committee members and the secretariat based on the "Camellia Fund evaluation criteria."

Presentations during the review meeting
Presentations during the review meeting

■List of FY2015 Camellia Fund recipient organizations (10 organizations)■
(3)   Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP)
(4)   World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Japan)
(5)   Save the Children Japan
(8)   Operation Smile Japan
(9)   Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)

Topics13th year to support XP patients with Shiseido sunscreen products

In March of 2017, we provided sunscreen products, including the Shiseido brands “ANESSA” and “2e”, “SUNMEDIC” sold by the group company Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and “Avene” sold by PIERRE FABRE JAPON CO., LTD., to 92 xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) patients.

XP is a progressive disease which causes serious sensitivity toward sunlight and neurological problems due to the fact that it inhibits the function to repair genetic damage.
Since this disease has a high probability of quickly developing into skin cancer after skin exposure to UV rays, XP patients must not only apply sunscreen to skin but also wear UV-protective clothes.

Since 2005, we have been providing products to XP patients who wish to use Shiseido sunscreen products and delivering their desired products through the “Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP)” once a year. 2017 was the 13th year of the activity.

Patients’ families have shared their voices, saying “UV reduction cream is a very important and necessary item that protects the sensitive skin of children with XP from UV rays and skin cancer throughout the year. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for letting the children use your products with peace of mind. We will spend our days with our children, thanking you for your warm support.”

Thank-you message cards from children suffering from XP

*Shiseido began its support activities for XP patients in 2000 as part of social contribution activities and has been promoting various initiatives, such as seminars for patients’ families (how to use sunscreen products), childcare activities for XP patient children through employee volunteer work, hosting national conferences funded by the Camellia Fund, etc.

Other Activities

Efforts of "TABLE FOR TWO"

Shiseido has been participating in the "TABLE FOR TWO (TFT hereafter)" activities in 3 offices with cafeteria facilities. "TFT" refers to a new social contribution activity originating in Japan, which was initiated to resolve the "imbalance of food" between "developed countries with excess food" and "developing countries with a lack of food" and to make people in both developed and developing countries healthy. In this program, we set the price for healthy menus with lower calories and better nutritional balance than standard menus by adding 20 yen and donate the 20 yen through TFT to be used for school meals for children in Africa. These school meals not only contribute to children’s growth but also offer joy and motivation for children to study.

Certificate of appreciation received from TFT secretariat
Certificate of appreciation received from TFT secretariat
Came second in the Menu Category of the general election.
Came second in the Menu Category of the general election.

TopicsDeliciously arranging preserved food! Social contribution through “food”

On November 26 (Thu), 2015, we held the “Let’s eat preserved food in a delicious manner” fair. In this fair, we arranged and offered preserved food for emergency, with less than 1 year before the expiration date, as TFT menus with the cooperation of LEOC Co., Ltd., the company commissioned to operate the cafeteria in the Shiodome Office.

Due to the fact that preserved food, stored in preparation for disaster, must be replaced when the expiration date approaches, Shiseido proactively aims to utilize preserved food in order to “effectively utilize food resources”, “consider the environment”, and “contribute to society”.

We held the first fair in July. This time, which was the 5th time for us to hold the fair, we offered 2 preserved food menus to 143 employees. In every fair, we commit to deliciousness and try to create menus that are also fun to look at. This initiative helps us support school meals for children in developing countries. We also offered the preserved food, which was used in the menus, as well as recipes as souvenirs to employees who tried the menus so that they would apply the recipe to preserved food at home. Through these initiatives, we aim to also raise awareness toward disaster prevention.

Employees who tried the menus shared their voices, such as “It was so well-cooked and delicious that I almost couldn’t tell it was preserved food”, “I want to try making it as per the recipe soon”, and “I’m glad that I was able to cooperate with effective use of food and donation”. Dietician Mr. Ono of LEOC Co., Ltd., who comes up with new menus each time, shared his comment: “Through trial and error, I tried to reduce the dry texture of preserved rice and come up with the kind of menus that people would find delicious and enjoy”.

The total number of meals consumed was 608, and a total of 12,160 yen was donated to support the meals of TFT.

  • Note: Part of the preserved food is also provided to “Second Harvest”, which is a food bank, and is delivered to children in orphanages and shelters for domestic violence victims, etc.
Preserved food arrangement menu “Shrimp cream risotto with soft boiled egg”

Preserved food arrangement menu “Shrimp cream risotto with soft boiled egg”

Handing out preserved food and recipe souvenirs

Handing out preserved food and recipe souvenirs

Volunteer Activity by Collecting Various Items

Shiseido is implementing activities to support pregnant and parturient women and providing educational assistance for children in developing countries by collecting various items such as used stamps, miswritten postcards, coins and notes. This activity, which was formerly conducted by respective departments, was integrated from 2005 and has expanded into a company-wide initiative. In addition to volunteer activity that enables everyone to easily take part basically at any time anywhere throughout the year, we are also conducting campaigns twice a year.
Collected used stamps are used for various purposes via the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning, including payment of recycled bicycle shipping costs and activities (White Ribbon Campaign) to save lives of mothers and babies in developing countries. Also, miswritten postcards, coins, notes and other items are used for the Darunee Scholarship Fund via the Education for Development Foundation to support children in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Collection box

Social Studies Days

Since 1993, Shiseido's Social Studies Days Program has allowed employees to participate in social contribution activities instead of coming to work for up to three days each year. A total of 53 days were utilized under this system in fiscal 2014, with 47 participants taking this time to hone their skills for volunteer and social contribution activities, to donate blood and to register as donors.

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