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Employee-led social contribution activities

Social contribution activities by the Shiseido Group employees are mainly the “Mirai Tsubaki Activities” performed by the whole group, and the “Social Contribution Club” in Japan.
Mirai Tsubaki Activities is a social contribution activity in which all the employees in the Shiseido Group throughout the world have been participating from FY2012, the 140th anniversary of Shiseido’s foundation. By performing the activities that employees have formulated and planned themselves, we return our gratitude to customers and society that have supported Shiseido until today.
The Social Contribution Club provides activity programs for employees who are hoping to make a contribution to society, according to their various environments and schedules so that they can choose the activity appropriate for them; it is creating opportunities for the employees to contribute to society.

130 offices throughout the world promoted 1,145 activities by FY2016.

Employees who participated in the activity said that they felt fulfilled as they contributed to the community by cleaning the town together with its residents and found it wonderful to meet likeminded people. They also noticed that by concentrating on the same activity for a short time the members naturally became cohesive, testifying that the activities helped to enhance bonds with the community as well as between employees.
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Shiseido will continue to promote Mirai Tsubaki Activities in the future to sustain ties with customers and society for a long time.


Healing with hand care and touch therapy -Cancer patients support-

The CSR Department is promoting ”hand care” and ”touch therapy,” providing relief to people by gently massaging their hands or backs. On September 3-4, 2016, we had the opportunity to perform these activities at a charity walk event Relay for Life, which supports the fight against cancer.
Participating members practiced before the event, and during the two days 14 employees from the CSR Department committed wholeheartedly to provide gentle soothing massage for 90 cancer fighters, survivors and their family members, exhausted by 24–hour walk through the night.

Many participants expressed their gratitude saying, "It felt very nice. I will do the same for my family" and "I remembered that my mother did the same for me when I was a child." Both days were hot with strong sunshine, but after the massage they looked relaxed, mentally and physically, some falling asleep and others with tears in their eyes. It was a very emotional and fulfilling time for us as well. We would like to create more opportunities to make people smile by the "healing touch"!

Cancer patient support
Cancer patient support

Participating in Komatsu Wakuwaku Lesson again this year!

13 employees of the Osaka Factory participated in the Komatsu Wakuwaku Lesson held at the nearby Komatsu Elementary School as lecturers of the "Cosmetics making lesson" and "Music lesson". These lessons aim to nurture consideration and richness of mind of elementary school children through various experiences, and to enhance their awareness as members of the community and participation in society through communicating with people in the community.

Through the activities, we saw children making cosmetics with earnest faces and felt that it was a precious opportunity to spark interest in our future consumers.

Participated in Komatsu Wakuwaku Lesson again this year!
Participated in Komatsu Wakuwaku Lesson again this year!

A green bandana is their trademark! Volunteers working on flowerbeds in Ginza

The Quality Management Department has been participating in “Green Adaptation Campaign” of Chuo Ward since 2012, taking care of three flowerbeds in Ginza. 32 members water them every day, and transplant the flowers and grass every season, four times a year. In May, we planted summer flowers, impatiens and begonia, in the three flowerbeds. In summer, watering needs to be done every day, so we send a pair of members to the flowerbeds to water and clean them.

Five years into this volunteer activity, we have become better at caring for the plants so they firmly take root.

Ginza Flowerbed Volunteer Activity
Ginza Flowerbed Volunteer Activity

Table manners lecture as present for high school graduation!

Shiseido Parlour continuously holds the table manners lecture in order to help many people learn about the magnificence of food culture. In 2016, we conducted the lecture on table manners for French cuisine and a dietary education lesson for high school students of Katsushika School for the Deaf.
4 members from Shiseido Parlour Ginza and the PR Department participated on the day, and conducted a three and a half hour lesson including eating a full course meal, dietary educational quiz and table manners lecture to 20 students in their senior year who will soon graduate, aiming to teach them the correct manners in a fun way.

Students who participated commented with words such as, "I was glad that I somehow managed to eat properly," "I want to make use of what I learnt today when I go to a restaurant in order to avoid any embarrassing situations out in the world," showing that they had a fulfilling time.

For High School Graduation! Table manners lecture conducted

Asia and Oceania

Fulfillment enhanced by individual advice! Beauty seminar for the elderly

Taiwan Shiseido Co., Ltd. promotes the “Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar” as a pillar of social contribution activities and holds over 40 seminars annually.
On April 8, 2016, we visited a care center for the elderly and held a skincare and makeup seminar for 21 women, who truly enjoyed makeup application.

The seminar was held in a friendly atmosphere full of laughter, with 10 employees engaged in the activity. They wrote down advice for each of the participants in the handouts, to be used after the seminar.
Taiwan Shiseido cooperated with a video communication service company, so the participants enjoyed real-time video communication with their families and voiced their opinions about the seminar.

Fulfillment enhanced by giving advice to each and every person! Beauty seminar at a facility for the elderly
Fulfillment enhanced by giving advice to each and every person! Beauty seminar at a facility for the elderly

America and Europe

Supporting the activities of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and patient services since 1949. Its aim is to find cures and ensure access to treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Employees of Zotos International, Inc. act as volunteers for LLC activities, organizing and operating various fundraising events. In October, they dressed up in Halloween costumes for a fundraiser, making it fun to donate.

Supporting the activities of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Supporting the activities of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
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