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Initiatives for Children

Activities to Provide Beauty Information to the next Generation

The number of children with skin problems such as rough skin is increasing, caused by their random use of cosmetic products at a younger age. To address this issue, Shiseido is disseminating daily beauty information for children, including face washing and UV-protection methods in an easy-to-understand manner, thereby enabling children to protect healthy skin on their own.
The initiative launched in 2010, and we have reached out to about 6000 children in total.

  • Conducting a hands-on onsite class in a school “Shiseido Kodomo Seminar: Sunscreen/correct face washing” (Japan only)
  • Dissemination of daily beauty information via the "Kirei Club for Kids(target_blank)" website (Japanese only)
  • Provision of visual educational materials (DVDs) for supporting healthcare lessons, wall newspapers posted on school bulletin boards and leaflets for distribution to children at no cost

Please apply for “Shiseido Kodomo Seminar” and “educational materials free of charge” via the special application form found on the "Kirei Club for Kids(target_blank)" website. Please email in case of inquiries. (Japanese only)

The scene of the Shiseido Kodomo Seminar

The scene of the Shiseido Kodomo Seminar

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