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Activities to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction

Education and Services for Consumers

Shiseido Website

Shiseido provides extensive product, beauty, and company information on Shiseido group website and watashi+(Japanese only)(target_blank), reflecting efforts to create appealing content and administer the site in response to customers' desires and needs.

Shiseido group website

Shiseido group website

watashi+ (Japanese Only)

watashi+ (Japanese Only)

Providing Audio Information for the Visually Challenged

"Listener's Café" provides a speech-based introduction to the basic use of cosmetics etc. to visually challenged individuals in an easy-to-understand manner. It also publishes an audio content "Osharena Hitotoki (Stylish Moments)" four times a year in each season.
Both "Listener's Café" and "Osharena Hitotoki" are provided only in Japanese.

Website for children

We transmit “Kirei Club for Kids”, which introduces daily beauty information including UV-protection methods and cleansing methods in an easy-to-understand manner to children immediately before puberty, when their skin starts to change.

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