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Activities to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction

Reflecting Consumer Feedback

In order to realize Medium-to-Long Term Strategy “VISION 2020” manufacturing, Shiseido is promoting initiatives to internally report back the valuable feedback, including consultations and requests received from consumers, and utilize it for product development and service enhancement. By quickly detecting changes in consumers or society and reflecting these changes in corporate activities, Shiseido is gathering and analyzing consumer feedback information and working to share information throughout the company. In doing so, we are requesting that relevant departments respond to develop and revamp products, beauty information and service leading to the enhancement of the corporate value through the “consumer-focused perspective”. The Shiseido Consumer Information Center is responsible for taking the central role regarding such initiatives.

Consumer services–action policy

The Shiseido Consumer Information Center, which was established in 1968, offers sincere response to inquiries and consultations from consumers and transmits information that can be further utilized by consumers. We also started the “watashi+” service that connects the website and stores in 2012 and newly established the “watashi+ support center.” We aim to promote proactive communication with consumers.

Gathering and sharing consumer feedback

In Japan, Shiseido gathers consumer feedback in various ways. Approximately 120,000 opinions and inquiries (about our products [71%], about shops carrying our products [18%]) are directed annually to the Consumer Information Center via toll-free numbers, e-mail and letters, and about 90,000 consumers provided feedback to Beauty Consultants that they came into contact with at the storefronts, that is not counting consumers’ voices from SNS (Social Networking Service) such as Twitter. Afterwards, Shiseido fosters an environment for managing such information using a system and people to conduct analysis on a case-by-case basis.

Graph Gathering and Sharing Consumer Feedback

Furthermore, we also promote collaborative learning activities to gain a deep understanding of consumers' feelings related to daily use of cosmetics and their backgrounds, and to further improve our products and services.
Employees in various departments and positions, be it factory workers or storefront personnel, consider things from consumers' perspective by listening to their voices and use it as an opportunity to review operations.
Moreover, we make sure to include consumer feedback time into the training for new employees so they can learn the fundamental stance of promoting work by standing in consumers’ shoes.

Consumer feedback seminar at factories in Japan and overseas

"Consumer feedback" seminar at factories in Japan and overseas

In new employees’ training, they use actual products to actually experience “consumers’ feelings”

In new employees’ training, they use actual products to actually experience "consumers’ feelings"

System to gather and utilize consumer services and consumer feedback information

Shiseido has enhanced its consumer feedback system, which had been in use since 1996, into one that can share and utilize consumer feedback information from all over the world, along with the globalization of the business. This system, named "Mirror*," was introduced within and outside of Japan in 2011. We are taking on the challenge of creating values for the Shiseido Group by enhancing our response to consultations and requests that come to consumer service centers throughout the world and gathering/analyzing consumer feedback information from all over the world in an efficient manner through the introduction of “Mirror.” “Mirror” is in operation in 20 countries and regions, including Japan, as of January 2017.
In Japan, we are establishing an environment in which all employees can easily analyze/utilize the consumer feedback information, which has been accumulated in "Mirror," according to the objectives by linking the information with the text mining system "Focus" and visualizing consumer feedback. We also utilize SNS (Social Networking Services) listening system in order to reflect consumer feedback, which is not normally directly delivered to the company, to corporate activities.

*Mirror: The name implies our hope to review/reflect the actual state of Shiseido's activities through the "mirror" of consumer feedback.

System to gather/utilize consumer feedback information

TopicsShiseido Awarded Five Stars by HDI, a Cosmetics Industry First

Shiseido Japan’s Consumer Information Center has been awarded five stars, the top rating, in the HDI Five Star Quality Service certification administered by HDI-Japan*. This marks the first time a cosmetics industry company has been awarded five stars.
The HDI Five Star Quality Service certification comprehensively evaluates support center operations, employee management, etc., for companies which have been awarded three stars in the HDI Benchmarking assessment for their consumer-focused, high quality service.
Shiseido Japan has been awarded three stars for four years in a row, since 2013, by HDI-Japan’s Quality Ranking Monitoring. In this year’s support center certification,
it scored high marks for leadership and employee management, among other areas, leading to the awarding of five stars.

Moreover, in March 2013, Shiseido Japan established a help desk for older women, “Shiseido Beauty Consultation Room” (within the Consumer Information Center) as part of the evolution of “providing service from the consumer’s point of view.” The help desk is staffed by experienced beauty advisors who can provide advice on a wide range of issues, including products and beauty-related information.

As the front-line in the “consumer-focused perspective” of our business activities, the Shiseido Consumer Information Center will continue to give full and sincere attention to our consumers and further improve our services to earn consumers’ trust and loyalty for Shiseido products.

* HDI Established in the U.S. in 1989, HDI is the world's largest international organization for the IT support service industry. Many of the top 500 companies in the world listed in the U.S. financial magazine “Fortune” are members of HDI.
Several hundred companies are members of HDI-Japan, the Japanese chapter of HDI, which performs the HDI Benchmarking assessment of company consumer help desks in order to improve support service levels.

Corporate Officer Soejima , Director of the Consumer Information Center Uno and a consumer service representative receive the Award Certificate from HDI

Corporate Officer Soejima , Director of theConsumer Information Center Uno and a consumer service representative receive the Award Certificate from HDI

Product Manufacturing that Reflects Consumer Feedback

Container renewal: light, easy to use, and eco-friendly

Bottle containers for AUSLESE, a male-oriented brand launched in 1980, were renewed in February 2017.
We hope many more consumers will continue using the brand in the future.

Bottle material has been changed from glass to plastic, making the product lighter, easier to use, and easier to dispose of after use.

As a token of gratitude to our long-time users, we have increased the bottle contents by 10% without affecting the price.


MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB
"Natural": From limited edition to regular color

The "Natural" color of the product launched as a limited edition in August 2014 was well received, and many consumers gave feedback that it blended well with their skin tone.

Responding to the consumers' requests, we made it a regular color in the product lineup since August 2016.

MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB

Kirei No Susume TsuyaTsuyaPurun Jelly
Completing the lineup with Apple&Cherry flavor

Apple&Cherry flavor of the product launched as a limited edition in June 2016 was highly appraised by many consumers who found it delicious.

Responding to the consumers' requests, we made it a regular flavor in the product lineup since March 2017.

Kirei No Susume TsuyaTsuyaPurun Jelly
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