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Empowerment of rural Bangladesh women

Since FY2011, Shiseido has been promoting the activity for rural Bangladesh women to improve their social status and support their success.
This activity is an initiative aiming to not only conduct business but also resolve the concerns and social issues of the women who live in the rural areas of Bangladesh by utilizing the know-how owned by Shiseido. In September 2015, the activity was selected as a model activity of the “Business Call to Action (BCtA) (target_  blank)” led by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (target_  blank). Shiseido is the first Asian cosmetics company to receive this recognition.

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PDF Shiseido News Release[ PDF : 232KB ]
BCtA News Release (target_ blank)
PDF “Preparatory Research for a Project to improve the Living Standard of Rural Women in Bangladesh through Skincare Products Executive Summary” (Japan International Cooperation Agency)[ PDF : 1.37MB ]

Wish to support women and resolve social issues
through the “power of beauty”

In order to achieve our mission “to inspire a life of beauty and culture”, Shiseido has been promoting corporate activities for responding to social expectations and issues.
Since the “improvement in women's social status” has been pointed out as one of the recent international and social issues in addition to poverty and environmental issues, Shiseido signed “Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) (target_  blank)” as one of the first Japanese companies.
Furthermore, we considered how we can contribute to the society by making use of the “power of beauty” which is based on Shiseido’s research results, findings and technologies regarding makeup and beauty, that have been accumulated since the foundation of Shiseido, from both tangible and intangible aspects.

Reason why Bangladesh was selected as this activity place

Compared with East Asia which has achieved a certain degree of growth even outside the urban areas and in which women’s social status has been also improving, in South Asia, there are more emerging countries and many different types of issues including economic disparities, gender gap, etc.
Under such a situation, although many issues are related to health and hygiene, the rural Bangladesh women are highly aware of beauty and skincare. Therefore, with focus on this area, we were able to start our activity with the strong support from the local NGO, etc.

When Bangladesh became an independent country from Pakistan and established the national flag, it is said that Bangladesh used the Japanese national flag as a model. From that time, it has been a pro-Japanese country that has a feeling of friendship and admiration for Japan.


〈Excerpt from the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan〉

About Bangladesh

Photo : Mika Tanimoto /JICA

Activities in Bangladesh

We implemented the in-house job challenge system for project members in 2010 and launched the “South Asia Social Business Project” in collaboration with research centers, production/procurement divisions, etc.

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