Research & Development

Research and Development

140 Years of Global Innovation

140 Years of Global Innovation

From the time of SHISEIDO’s inception as a Western-style pharmacy in 1872, the premier Japanese skincare and beauty company has stood at the forefront of science, innovation and prestige beauty. The name “SHISEIDO” was derived from a line of the Yi Jing, a classic Chinese text, which reads “Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values.” That original philosophy influenced our mission: “We cultivate relationships with people. We appreciate genuine, meaningful values. We create beauty, we create wellness.”

In the early 1900’s, SHISEIDO’s first president, Shinzo Fukuhara, had a unique vision. He studied Eastern medicine at a prestigious Japanese university and then traveled to New York to pursue Western pharmacology at Columbia University. Upon graduating, he visited Paris, where he first encountered the art of photography and was greatly influenced by the Western aesthetic. He brought these ideas with him back to Japan, and used them to forever change the beauty industry.

Today SHISEIDO is a preeminent global beauty company, with distribution in more than 88 countries. Its scientists are leading the charge to discover and put forth groundbreaking research and innovation that continually changes the landscape of beauty and wellness, while staying true to the company’s roots by investigating new ingredients native to Japan to incorporate into the superior products offered. This commitment began in a small testing room at the original pharmacy in Ginza, and today is carried out in our research and production sites across the globe to help customers worldwide lead beautiful and healthy lives.

Commitment to Our Customers

At SHISEIDO, we make a strong promise to our customers - “We create beauty, we create wellness.” Because of the researchers and engineers at the company, the products are truly proof of this promise.

To realize our mission, we defined ideals that must be held and shared by each and every employee in order to research, develop, manufacture and deliver safe and effective products. The most important is “Quality First,” which to us means our products and services provide the highest quality and safety to ensure our customers’ confidence. This is achieved through our steep heritage in skincare, dedication to product integrity and first-in-class scientific research.

At SHISEIDO, it’s not just about caring for people’s skin. It’s about caring for people.

Global Research and Production Centers

Global Research and Production Centers

Since its establishment as a Western-style pharmacy, SHISEIDO has led the charge to discover and put forth groundbreaking research and innovation. Today, SHISEIDO’s more than 1,000 researchers - who work in 10 research centers and 15 production facilities throughout Japan, Europe, U.S. and Asia - never rest on their laurels; they have the passion to challenge the unknown and the skills to continually break new ground in the world of beauty care. They are able to conduct research on the skin and cosmetics habits of local customers, resulting in the development of high-quality products suitable for each region. In the quest to deliver the most technologically advanced and highest-quality products to our customers globally, SHISEIDO scientists work both independently and in collaboration with other scientists from premier universities and research institutes worldwide.

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