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News Release

Release Date: Oct. 3, 2017

Publisher: Shiseido

Product / Brand

Shiseido Clé de Peau Beauté Launches Coffret Synactif Specially Packaged to Evoke Images of Treasure box

Shiseido Group’s high prestige brand “Clé de Peau Beauté,” through Shiseido International, will launch the limited-edition, holiday season “Coffret Synactif” from its premium line “Synactif.”The product will be launched first in Japan, and in seven countries and then successively other regions around the world (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, USA).

The luster of urushi, the pride of Japanese craftsmanship

Synactif: Beginning with purification, the exquisite harmony of selected items takes your skin to undiscovered heights and draws out the radiance of your presence. We collaborated with an urushi lacquering*1 artisan. Urushi is one of Japan’s traditional crafts, and its authenticity helped us create a package worthy of the unparalleled beauty attained through Synactif. Inspired by a treasure box, the coffret is adorned by the peerless “Rose Synactif,” the symbol of the line. Hand-painted on each magnificent petal is the luster of urushi. Traditional art meets paper in this unique technique, giving birth to the treasure coffret, where precious articles are stowed.

*1: The unique technique of applying urushi to paper was perfected by the craftsmanship of Nakayama Studio in Ishikawa Prefecture. Each rose petal is hand-painted with urushi to impart luster, then dried. This process is repeated seven times and is performed continuously from primer to finish.

Yukihiko Nakayama
Nakayama Studio

1956: Born the grandson of Yusai Nakayama in Yamanaka-Onsen-Minami-Machi, Ishikawa Prefecture
1982: Selected as technician for Makie (Japanese lacquer work) skills, a nationally-designated
important intangible cultural property
1983: Regular member of Kaga Art Association
Awarded second-gold prize at Yamanaka Lacquerware/Makie Lacquer Work Exhibition
Awarded prizes at various publicly sponsored exhibitions
1984: Chief Officer of Nakayama Kobo (Nakayama Studio)
1993: Collaborated with Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd. to produce a piano with makie
lacquer work featuring a phoenix celebrating the wedding of Her Imperial Highness Crown
Princess Masako
2000: 1st exhibition at the Japan Club Gallery, Manhattan, New York City
2003: Became responsible for Bosatsumen Makie at Taimadera Temple

“Rose Makie Box” (not for sale), re-created by applying makie technique originally developed for paper. Makie originated in the Nara Period and was perfected in the Kamakura Period. Today, only a very limited number of craftsmen possess this technique, which is performed only by very skilled masters with years of experience.

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