Exhibition Schedule

TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA_SPECTRUM - Resonant rainbows radiate from prisms


January 13 (Fri) — March 26(Sun)

Shiseido Gallery will hold a special exhibition by Tokujin Yoshioka, a world-scale artist who employs experimental technology and free-thinking to create works of art, design, architecture, etc. His new installation work will be introduced where we can experience the light of rainbow that has been split by a prism.

Tsubaki-kai 2017 –Shoshin–
— Genpei Akasegawa, Naoya Hatakeyama, Rei Naito, Zon Ito, Ryoko Aoki, and Yasutake Shimaji—


April 4(Tue) — May 28(Sun)

“Tsubaki-kai” is a group exhibition named after “camellia blossom” which is a corporate mark of Shiseido. It was started in 1947 with participation of artists such as Gyokudo Kawai, Taikan Yokoyama, Ryuzaburo Umehara, Riichiro Kawashima. The membership has changed over time, it has continued since that time and marks the 70th anniversary in 2017.
This will be the fifth and the final exhibition by the Seventh Tsubaki-kai. This time, too, the members, Genpei Akasegawa(1937-2014),Naoya Hatakeyama, Rei Naito, Zon Ito, Ryoko Aoki, and Yasutake Shimaji will present the works which featured the theme of “Shoshin” (beginner's mind.)

“shiseido art egg 11” Exhibition


Shiho Yoshida   June 2(Fri) — June 25(Sun)

Junko Oki   June 30(Fri) — July 23(Sun)

Ryohei Kan   July 28(Fri) — August 20(Sun)

Shiseido Gallery has been promoting its activities for nearly a century based on the notion of “discovering and creating new aesthetics”. Shiseido art egg is an open call program that opens its doors to promising new artists. For this year›s 11th shiseido art egg, three artists will hold a solo exhibition. They will be selected among 279 applications nationwide.

Kami   Cosmic Wonder with Kogei Punks Sha


August 29(Tue) — October 22(Sun)

Exhibition with the theme of Japanese washi paper by Cosmic Wonder, a project exploring such areas of expression as clothing, artwork and publishing, and Kogei Punks Sha, an artistic unit by Yukinori Maeda, the founder of Cosmic Wonder and a contemporary artist, and Sumiko Ishii, a Kogei designer.

Link of Life 2017


October 26(Thu) — November 10(Fri)

In this exhibition, researchers and employees of Shiseido collaborate with artists to utilize the latest achievements in science and engineering and propose artworks that bring out the beauty inherent in humans.

THE EUGENE Studio   1/2 Century later.


November  21(Tue) — December 24(Sun)

THE EUGENE Studio is an artist that actively participates in today’s real society through multilateral activities in advanced research and development in artificial intelligence, urban, mobility and biotechnology fields. In contrast with the “past future image,” they present a future image that is contiguous to the present they are speculating.