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Social Responsibility

Supporting Women's Activities

Supporting Female Researchers and Academic Research

Shiseido contributes to the development of science and dermatology through support for women who aim to be leading researchers specializing in the natural sciences and through over 40 years of funding in dermatology. In addition, in the field of aesthetic dermatology, we have established the "Minami Aoyama Dermatology Skin Navi Clinic (Japanese only)(target_blank)" through the Camellia Club Medical Foundation Incorporated to which Shiseido donated funds for its establishment. Its research achievements have been contributing to the development of new cosmetics and aesthetic medicine to help improve quality of life (QOL) for all individuals and have been recognized by the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology.

Assistance for Projects to Support Female Junior High School and High School Students in Selecting Science-Related Courses

Shiseido began promoting activities to present the possibility of selecting science-related courses to female junior high school and high school students (in 9th grade and 10th grade) in 2011. We sent Shiseido employees specializing in science such as its researchers to schools as "career education" instructors to arouse students’ interest in the sciences and the "wide range of future options and possibilities available by selecting science-related courses" by introducing their experience.
In fiscal 2015, we held onsite classes in 3 schools, including KOKUGAKUIN KUGAYAMA JUNIOR HIGH / HIGH SCHOOL, targeting a total of approximately 150 junior high school and high school students and promoted the advantages of selecting science-related courses.
Students who participated told us "I got to know about the wide variety of career choices when selecting science-related courses". It is also a good opportunity for reseachers/lecturers to look back at their beginnings.
We will continue collaboration with schools to support female junior high school and high school students to design their future "dreams" and contribute to the development of future human resources in science that support Japan, a world leader in science and technology, by offering social activities unique to Shiseido.

Kokugakuin  Kugayama  Junior High  /  High School  (The lecture scene)

Kokugakuin Kugayama Junior High / High School (The lecture scene)

Kokugakuin  Kugayama  Junior High  /  High School  (Workshop)

Kokugakuin Kugayama Junior High / High School (Workshop)

Childcare support

Shiseido not only supports our employees to realize a good balance of "work" and "childcare" but also promotes efforts to share various concerns of women in a child-raising period with the entire society.

Kangaroom Shiodome, a Nursery School Operated by Shiseido

Shiseido opened Kangaroom Shiodome in September 2003, as part of its initiatives to help employees raising children in the Tokyo metropolitan area balance the demands of work and childcare. The facility also accepts a certain number of children of employees of other companies, which are supporting the concept of "improving the child-rearing environment through cooperation with other companies." Kangaroom Shiodome has made a significant contribution to transforming employees' awareness of how they work and realize a work-life balance. The facility has been well received by people utilizing its childcare services for reasons such as enabling women to return to work with complete peace of mind after the birth of a child and feel secure in the knowledge that their children are nearby, as well as allowing them to effectively make use of their time since they don't need to allot time to travel to a separate facility to pick up their children.

Kangaroom Shiodome

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Shiseido Running Club

Shiseido Running Club promotes activities based on the slogan of "strong, quick and beautiful." By supporting female athletes, the club encourages health and beauty that are unique to Shiseido in three respects: mind, performance and body. The club thereby nurtures not only the "strength to win over yourself" and "ability and technique to run faster" but also the "spirit of hospitality." In addition to developing athletes who are affiliated with the club, we will also promote tips on running externally, lectures and "participation in local running events" in order to contribute to society. In doing so, we will spread the joy of running and better health among runners in general, ranging from children to elderly people.

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