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Shiseido provides free makeup advice in a program called “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY MAKEUP” proposing solutions with cosmetics to various skin problems such as appearance/beauty concern of birthmarks, dark spots, vitiligo, skin irregularities (scars, etc.), side effect of cancer treatment (e.g. changes of skin color such as darkening, hair loss of eyebrows and eyelashes) and scares after operations (removal of tumor, etc.)

There are more than 380 business partners and medical institutions in Japan that sympathize with these activities and have received the training at the “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BEAUTY CENTER” (Tokyo), as well as overseas activities in China (Shanghai and Hong Kong) and Taiwan (Taipei and Kaosiung). Through these activities, we aim to realize a society where people become happy by improving their Quality of Life (QOL), and supporting their power to be themselves so more people return to active social life.

For Those with Serious Skin Concerns

For Those with Serious Skin Concerns

Shiseido's Perfect Cover Foundation(Japanese Only)(target_blank) series is an effective way to address skin color concerns and cover skin irregularities.

Appearance Care for Those with Cancer
For Those Who Have Appearance Concerns Due to Cancer Treatment

Appearance Care for Those with Cancer

*Appearance changes in the photo are
due to makeup and CG.
Wig was provided by SVENSON Company Limited

For people with appearance-related concerns caused by cancer treatment(Japanese only)(target_blank)
We respond to a number of issues, changes in the skin tone such as darkening of skin, missing eyebrows and eyelashes, and post-surgery scars.

The “Power of Makeup” long nurtured by Shiseido

“Spots Cover” released in 1956 started this story.
It was a foundation that was developed by making use of Shiseido’s unique capabilities with humanitarian purposes for those with keloid scars due to radiation-exposure in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in order to alleviate their psychological burden.

After World War II, there were many people in Japan who had been burnt in the ravages of war; the foundation was developed with a wide variation of colors so that even men were able to use it. It was an unprecedented product at that time.
This was the original point that led to the current “Perfect Cover Foundation” series and is a product that was developed with “Technology of Light” that Shiseido had developed in its long cosmetic research. It evolved into a foundation that effectively and naturally covers skin color/irregularities, without hiding them with a thick layer of foundation.

Over about 60 years, we have been improving the Quality of Life (QOL) of those who have skin concerns by the “Power of Makeup”. To enrich people’s minds by cosmetics is the “starting point” of Shiseido.

This story is published in “The 100-Year History of Shiseido” (published by Shiseido in 1972).

  • Spots Cover (1956)

    Spots Cover (1956)

  • Perfect Cover Foundation (Present day)

    Perfect Cover Foundation (Present day)

  • technological advances

Topics“Appearance Care Book for Cancer Patients” released

To those undergoing cancer treatment, those who have ended undergoing cancer treatment, those who are going to receive cancer treatment, their families and those concerned:

Cancer patients may feel as if they are losing themselves as they see their appearance change due to the side effects of cancer treatment such as darkening of skin and hair loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, and wish to recover themselves by naturally covering the changes.
We support such wishes with the “Power of Makeup”, ease one’s burden of appearance at a workplace, and increase people who can return to society; we aim to realize a society in which people become happy.

Appearance Care Book
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