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Social Responsibility

Public Beauty Seminars

Shiseido offers the “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BEAUTY SEMINAR” and the “SHISEIDO CSR BEAUTY SEMINAR” under the public beauty seminars.

“SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BEAUTY SEMINAR” began in 1949 as a “special beauty class” that taught students planning to graduate from high school how to use cosmetics properly, in order to maintain an appearance appropriate for an adult.
Ever since then for over 60 years, these activities have changed the contents according to the objectives and participants and developed with the hopes of making all customers beautiful.

The “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BEAUTY SEMINAR”, in which we visit, among others, care management offices, facilities for persons with disabilities, schools and companies to give skincare and makeup lessons in order to help the participants feel the “Power of Makeup” and learn how to maintain an appearance appropriate for a member of society, has become part of the “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BUSINESS” since July 2013 and we have conducted sustainable activities to contribute also to the solution of the issues of a super-aged society.

From January 2016, among those activities, the seminar for social welfare projects such as the one for facilities for persons with disabilities, etc. changed its name to the “SHISEIDO CSR BEAUTY SEMINAR” and will develop by clarifying the position of its activities specialized in social contribution.

A scene from the “Appearance Maintenance Class” for the children at children's nursing homes

A scene from the “Appearance Maintenance Class” for the children at children's nursing homes

The above activities and hand-massage activities are provided for free as social contribution activities in China, Germany and the U.S., etc.

Seminar at a medical facility in Germany

Seminar at a medical facility in Germany

Topics“Confirmation of the effect of our makeup service on increasing healthy life expectancy (*1)” in a commissioned project by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

We have confirmed that the “makeup service” (Cosmetic Therapy Program), which was developed by Shiseido, is effective in increasing healthy life expectancy, which is regarded as an important issue in the super aging society.
This is based on the result, which was jointly evaluated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology regarding the “evaluation of the effect to reduce nursing care cost through providing cosmetic healthcare services” (conducted from June, 2014 to February, 2015) after the know-how of the “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BUSINESS”, which has been promoted by Shiseido since 2013, was selected for the “2014 project to promote the development of an industry to increase healthy life expectancy” (*2), which is promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with the aim of establishing the foundation of the “industry to increase healthy life expectancy”.
As a result of this evaluation, we have confirmed the improvement effect toward self-rated health (*3) and anti-depression tendency, and confirmed that the “makeup service” is effective as a new healthcare service to increase healthy life expectancy and that we can expect the effect to reduce the nursing care cost.
Shiseido will utilize this evaluation result for further improvement of quality in the “makeup service” and development of values of makeup for the elderly, etc. We will continue cooperating with medical institutions, such as nursing care offices, and local governments, etc., and proactively promoting the “makeup service” throughout the country as a healthcare service that leads to the increase of healthy life expectancy for a number of elderly people in the future.

*1: Period in which a person can live independently. This is an index proposed by the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2000.
*2: Implemented with the aim of developing an industry to increase healthy life expectancy by establishing the industry foundation for services not covered by public insurance to respond to the peripheral demands of public insurance services. 15 organizations were selected in fiscal 2014, and projects, such as business demonstrations and investigations, etc., are being promoted throughout the country.
*3: Questions to ask about subjective evaluations regarding elderly people’s own health. While this is a simple index, it is used as an expectation index for various health changes. In recent years, healthy life expectancy has been calculated by using self-rated health.

Scene from the “makeup service”

Convalescence rehabilitation Hospital
Healthy elderly people


An appearance maintenance class for social welfare projects as activities specializing in social contribution is called the SHISEIDO CSR BEAUTY SEMINAR “Social Contribution – Appearance Maintenance Class”.
The class is for special-needs schools, facilities for persons with disabilities, orphanages and living assistance homes for mothers and children.
We assist those who lack mobility and those who have various difficulties, and respond to their wishes to “apply makeup”, “to make a good first impression”, and “to know how to apply makeup and to establish an appearance appropriate for social life”.
At the class, people can enjoy makeup and learn how to maintain their appearance recreationally.
There are two courses for both men and women: “Freshers’ Course” for students and “Beauty Up Course” for adults.

The appearance lecture in a  school  for  the  deaf

The appearance lecture in a school
for the deaf

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