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Social Responsibility

Women and Beauty

Shiseido Group supports all women to become healthy and beautiful.
A typical example of such support is the measures to improve Quality of Life (QOL) through cosmetics and beauty.
We are promoting “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY MAKEUP,” which solves problems concerning appearance utilizing our unique cover makeup techniques, and “SHISEIDO LIFE QUALITY BEAUTY SEMINAR” in which you can experience the “Power of Makeup” responding to various need of the society and the times.
We are going to support women’s ways of living from all angles, such as support for women’s independence/social participation (e.g. support for female researchers, female junior high school and high school students’ career selection, parental care and female athletes) as well as providing beauty information to children and families.

We provide makeup advice to those who have serious skin concerns and those with appearance concerns due to cancer treatment.

We provide opportunities for people with various needs to experience the “Power of Makeup” and to learn beauty information.

We comprehensively support woman, including working women to become active in society.

We provide accurate beauty life information to children who will lead the next generation.

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