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Social Responsibility

Shiseido Aid Initiatives in the Wake of the Great East Japan Earthqake

We would like to express our sympathy for the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Shiseido wishes to support affected people right by their sides through beauty support activities and activities that only Shiseido can promote.

Concept of reconstruction support

Company lives with society, and society is what lets us survive. Our hope is to fulfill the company's responsibilities as a member of society when society faces difficulties.
Reconstruction of the Tohoku region, which received unprecedented damage, has a long way ahead. We intend to support affected people right by their sides for a long time so that they can become independent by utilizing our resources, such as people, objects, information, technologies, and culture, etc.
What can we do to give energy to affected people as a cosmetics company, even if the amount may be small? With such a hope, we have been promoting "beauty support activities", in which we offer beauty services like massage, makeup, and hand massage, etc., for not only women but also children and men since the quake. Through the beauty support activities, we have learned that there is "power of makeup" that can heal people's hearts, make them positive, and give them energy.

Activities promoted in FY2013

It has been 2 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is shifting from the resettlement phase, which involves environmental establishment of temporary housing and debris processing, etc., to the reconstruction phase, which involves self-reliant re-building of houses, re-building of lifelines/infrastructures, and reconstruction of business districts and local industries, etc. The reconstruction speed also differs in each area. Due to this, affected people’s desires are also changing and becoming diversified. Shiseido has promoted the corporate activity style of establishing relationships with stakeholders, including customers and business partners, etc., in which we can see each other’s face and providing thorough response.
Since FY2013, we have been continuing to promote beauty support activities as activities to utilize the "power of makeup", which can only be offered by a cosmetics company, and promoting activities in which we build new cities with the government and local residents by utilizing our resources. We hope to consider and overcome issues that we find with local residents through face-to-face efforts and steadily promote reconstruction by accumulating results. Therefore, we will continue to support new city development by limiting the areas.

The reason we started promoting these activities

Reconstruction support linked by "camellia"

Shiseido's trademark is "Hanatsubaki (camellia)". The city flower of Ofunato City/Rikuzentakata City in the Kesen District in Iwate Prefecture is "camellia". Because of this connection, we wondered if there was anything we can do to support them by using "camellia" as the keyword and held a number of dialogues with people of these cities. Through the dialogues, we learned that people in the Kesen District used to press oil from camellia berries in each household to use for cooking and hair care, etc. until several decades ago.
In addition, we learned that people wanted to use camellia, which residents of these cities have always treasured, as a new industry for these cities. We also learned that there has been such a foundation in which Ofunato has been treating camellia as a tourism resource as "home of camellia: Ofunato" since before the quake. We thought that there must be something we can do to support these activities by utilizing Shiseido's resources.

Our dream - In preparation for specific actions -

Our greatest dream is to nurture "camellia" as a new industry for these cities, which will rapidly develop in the course of reconstruction, and to provide support for the efforts.
We hope to make the dream come true by holding dialogues and contemplating with residents of the Kesen District and Ofunato City/Rikuzentakata City and also promote our own activities so that we can help the people of these cities develop their ideal cities. In order to do so, we promoted the following actions in FY2013.

“TSUBAKI NO YUME FESTIVAL (Dream of Camellia Festival)”
October 4, 2014

Shiseido held “TSUBAKI NO YUME FESTIVAL (Dream of Camellia Festival)” at Rias Hall in Ofunato City, Iwate on October 4, 2014, as part of Shiseido’s “Using Camellia in reconstruction efforts” initiatives.
The purpose of this event was to let the local young people experience and know the potential of camellia as an industrial and tourism resource.
The theme of the performances for the event was “Experience camellia with all five senses,” including a “Fragrance Seminar” to feel the effects of fragrance and “Shiseido Relaxing Night Mist,” a “Mini Gallery” exhibiting Shiseido products and posters designed with camellia motifs, and a “Eating camellia” activity where people could try foods and sweets that contain camellia oil.
In “Eating camellia,” Ofunato Higashi High School students presented their Hand-made sweets that contained camellia oil.

3 1 2 4
Fragrance Seminar Serving Spiedini with “Kesen Tsubaki Dressing” Ofunato Higashi High School with their food and sweets that contain camellia oil

Shiseido also held “Hair & Skin Care Seminars” for both male and female high school students to show the students how to style their hair and provide some tips on how to maintain healthy skin. It was a way of drawing the local youth to this festival, since it is them who will have to shoulder the responsibility for the reconstruction of the region.
The event closed with the “Hair & Makeup Show” by Shiseido’s hair & makeup artists, and featured models selected from among the local youth.
Thanks to the popular fashion brands, CECIL McBEE and SLY from Shibuya 109, all participants were able to express their “Ideal ME.”

5 6 7
“Hair & Skin Care Seminars” for male and female high school students “Hair & Makeup Show”

Using Camellia in reconstruction efforts initiatives
Shiseido Parlour launching “Kesen Tsubaki Dressing”
November 10, 2014

On November 10, Shiseido Parlour, participating in Shiseido’s reconstruction efforts initiatives centered around the use of camellia, launched a series of dressings in the market. A limited number of products will be made available. These dressings contain “Kesen Tsubaki” camellia oil made from camellia seeds from Kesen District, a town that was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
Kesen Tsubaki camellia oil is made by roasting camellia seeds and carefully wringing the oil out with manual oil wringers. Roasting the seeds brings out a distinctive, rich aroma and gives the oil a beautiful golden color.
This series comes in two varieties: Onion and French mustard, head chef at Ginza Shiseido Parlour has made the best of this aroma, using a signature recipe in the making of the dressings.
Kesen Tsubaki Dressing is available for purchase at the shop in Ginza Shiseido Parlour, from AEON group companies’ year-end-gift catalogs, and also, as a special limited offer starting on November 17, at LALA IWATE, a local store in Iwate Prefecture.

Kesen Tsubaki Dressing Box - \3,240 (w/tax) 3 pcs.
2 bottles of Onion (200 ml.) &1 bottle of French mustard (200 ml.)

* Also available by the bottle at Ginza Shiseido Parlour and LALA IWATE.
Onion (200 ml.) / French mustard (200 ml.)

Releasing “before bedtime” fragrance with the motif of “Sanmen Tsubaki” of Ofunato City Released on October 1, 2014

Fragrance soothes our feelings and gives us a sense of relaxation. With the hopes of delivering pleasant sleep with good fragrance to affected people, we worked on developing a product by utilizing Shiseido’s aromachology research. As a result, we have developed a new fragrance for users of all ages regardless of gender to experience a sense of relaxation before bedtime, by combining with the fragrance ingredient of flowers of “Sanmen Tsubaki”, which is 1,400 years old and is the oldest camellia tree in Japan located at “Nakamori Kumano Shrine” in Massaki-cho, Ofunato City. This fragrance “Shiseido Relaxing Night Mist” was released on October 1 (Wed) with limited volume via the Shiseido website “watashi +
Part of the sales will be utilized in the development of “Ofunato, home of camellia”

Click here for the details of “Relaxing Night Mist”

Tree-planting of mature camellia trees with hopes of industrialization Held on June 28, 2014

Due to the fact that camellia trees take approximately 20 years to become mature, nut harvesting is the issue in industrialization. In order to accelerate the industrialization of camellia and effectively utilize it as a tourism resource, we planted mature trees at Iwate Prefecture Fukushi-no-sato Center. 8 members participated from Shiseido and planted 40 mature trees, which were donated by members of the JAPAN CAMELLIA SOCIETY via Machida City, Tokyo, along with members of Taiyo-kai and employees of Ofunato City Office.


After tree-planting

Planting camellia seedlings in preparation for industrialization Held on July 12, 2013

Ofunato City took the lead and held a tree-planting event in preparation for industrialization so that camellia will become a new industry for the city and be effectively utilized as a tourism resource. 13 employees participated from Shiseido and planted trees with local residents. The camellia seedlings that we planted were presented by Shinkamigoto-cho in Nagasaki Prefecture due to the activities promoted by Shiseido. We planted approximately 300 seedlings among the 1,000 seedlings that were presented on this day.


Shiseido employees who participated in the tree-planting event

After tree-planting

Hosting "TSUBAKI NO MEGUMI FESTIVAL (Blessings of Camellia Festival)" Hosted on November 23, 2013

We focused on the "food culture" of camellia to support the industrialization of camellia by promoting the recognition of edible camellia oil, which was commercialized after the quake. We planned the "TSUBAKI NO MEGUMI FESTIVAL (Blessings of Camellia Festival)" with the hopes of creating an opportunity to experience potentials of camellia with local residents through the food experience of camellia.
In this event, local restaurants and Japanese/Western sweets stores prepared new dishes and sweets using camellia oil, and we held a menu contest. The head chef of Ginza Shiseido Parlour participated from Shiseido and served the signature menu of Shiseido Parlour "Meat Croquette", which was fried in camellia oil, as a special menu.
Local women made "Kenchin-jiru (miso soup with root vegetables)", which has always been made with camellia oil in the area, and served it at the venue. They simultaneously handed down the culture to children, who did not know camellia oil.

Menu contest

Camellia oil pressing experience

Food experience venue

Food experience venue reception

Local performing art (deer dance) by Ofunato Nursery School students

In addition, we also held an event, in which we experienced harvesting camellia berries, which will be important in industrialization, in another venue (Goishi District, which is a tourist spot for camellia in Ofunato).
We harvested 54kg berries with the residents of Goishi District, which is a tourist spot in Ofunato.
The harvested berries were donated to Seishokan of Taiyokai, which is a social welfare corporation and an oil factory in Rikuzentakata, that faces an issue of berry harvesting in preparation for the industrialization.

Berry harvesting experience

Harvested camellia berries

In addition, we also held a makeup seminar, which was requested by local residents.
We were able to experience "camellia", which is much more than just flowers, with the local residents on this day.

Beauty seminar

Staff who participated in the "TSUBAKI NO MEGUMI FESTIVAL (Blessings of Camellia Festival)"

Activities in Ofunato Municipal Akasaki Junior High School 2012/2013

Encounter with Akasaki Junior High School

Our encounter with Ofunato Municipal Akasaki Junior High School in Iwate Prefecture was on September 11, 2012.
Members of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department planted 42 camellia trees, which is the same number of 9th grade students, with all of the Akasaki Junior High School students in front of the temporary school building of Akasaki Junior High School, which was affected by the tsunami, as part of the social contribution activities "MIRAI TSUBAKI Project" to commemorate Shiseido's 140th anniversary.
Plates of haiku, which was written by 9th grade students with the themes of "home of camellia: Ofunato" and "reconstruction of our home", were attached to the camellia seedlings.
In addition, 3 people including the mayor of Ofunato City, Principal of Akasaki Junior High School, and Corporate Social Responsibility Department General Manager of Shiseido planted 3 seedlings that inherit the DNA of "Sanmen Tsubaki", which is 1,400 years old and is the oldest camellia tree in Japan possessed by Ofunato City, to commemorate the occasion.

Tree-planting event participants

Planting trees with students

Planting trees with students

Danger of planted camellia trees...

Camellia trees, which were planted in the beginning of September when the heat was still harsh, almost died due to lack of water.
They somehow survived, thanks to the care provided by the local NPO and the school janitor.
We installed snow guard with 9th grade students in November, so that the planted camellia trees could pass the winter.

Being instructed by Director Hayashida of GOISHI TSUBAKIKAN

Installing snow guard net on poles

We want to nurture camellia trees with students!
We hope the camellia trees, which will grow by approximately 1m in 10 years, would bloom, fruit, and become a source of a new industry for the city.
We want to nurture the trees with students, who will lead the reconstruction.
But how do we do it...?
We contemplated this with the teachers.

Establishing a system to connect to each other

★ We want to connect us in Tokyo and students in Ofunato via internet connections and hold WEB conferences to share the information about camellia trees' nurturing status.

★ We want to ask 9th grade students to write haiku with the themes of "home of camellia: Ofunato" and "reconstruction of our home" and organize them into a "haiku collection" to be presented to them.
We want to ask them to continue writing haiku and keep them as records of steps to reconstruction.
We organized the haiku works by the students into a "haiku collection" and held a presentation ceremony in March, 2012.

Shiseido employee presents the haiku collection to the students

Presentation ceremony

Introduction of haiku works

We would like to introduce haiku works by 9th grade students of Akasaki Junior High School


Holding WEB conferences

We began holding WEB conferences with maintenance and safety representative students in June, 2013. In these "Tsubaki Meetings", students discuss what they have noticed and wondered about in the course of providing care for the camellia trees, and we share information.
We considered what was necessary to nurture camellia trees and prepared a nurturing program while seeking advice from specialists.

Akasaki Junior High School "Tsubaki Journal"

Akasaki Junior High School has decided that "maintenance and safety representative" students would be in charge of nurturing the camellia trees, starting in FY2013.
Teacher Takashi Takahashi, who is the advisor, started sending us reports on the camellia trees.
We have decided to keep them as records under the name of "Tsubaki Journal".

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