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Social Responsibility

Points of Contact for Employee Inquiries

In response to the Whistleblower Protection Act, which took effect in April 2006, and in order to internally resolve misconduct in the unlikely event of such occurrence and before such an issue would become more serious, Shiseido is working toward more widespread recognition of two points of contact: the in-house Shiseido Consultation Office and the telephone counseling service which is operated by the Japan Industrial Counselors Association. Relevant information is distributed in various ways such as through manager training and pamphlet distribution to all employees.

Also, a set of Shiseido Group Consultation Office Regulations was established to clarify paths of investigation and resolution and to prohibit prejudicial treatment of whistleblowers (as well as individuals seeking advice). Employees have been informed of these initiatives.

The Shiseido Consultation Office welcomes individuals seeking advice on a wide range of topics relating to the Company's business and operations in general, and is trying to quickly resolve employees’ inquiries. In fiscal 2015, a total of 171 inquiries was received, contributing to a cumulative total of 2,584 inquiries since the establishment of facilities in April 2000.

Note: Results for FY2015 are for 9 months between April and December.

Furthermore, the Company distributed an Ethics Card to each employee, including employees dispatched from employment agencies. The Ethics Card features various information including contacts for the aforementioned work-related consultation inside and outside the Company, as well as internal Mental Health Consultation and external Shiseido Health Support Dial 24 for advice related to mental and physical concerns.

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