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Social Responsibility

GRI Guidelines Index

Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4 (Global Reporting Initiative) was used as a reference resource in the compilation of Shiseido CSR 2016, which describes the standard disclosure information.
When this information is included in media other than the Shiseido CSR 2016, the names of those media are included.

About “Reference” : “NA” indicates that the corresponding items are not relevant or have no cases relevant to any critical Levels. Also “-“ indicates no information.

*This table shows the correspondences between GRI Guidelines Ver. 4 and The United Nations Global Compact. However, it contains our own interpretation to some extent since the official correspondence table between the principles of The United Nations Global Compact and GRI Guidelines Ver. 4 is yet to be issued by the United Nations Global Compact Secretariat.

Strategy and Analysis

Organizational Profile

Commitments to External Initiatives

Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries

Stakeholder Engagement

Report Profile

GRI content index



Ethics and Integrity

Disclosures on Management Approach

Category: Economic

Category: Environmental

Category: Social

Sub-category: Labor Practices and Decent Work

Sub-category: Human Rights

Sub-category: Society

Sub-category: Product Responsibility

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