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Social Responsibility

Shiseido CSR activities at a glance Shiseido CSR activities at a glance

Shiseido's major CSR activities

With its mission of "inspiring a life of beauty and culture,
"Shiseido strives to "realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy happiness through beauty."

Power of makeup for everyone

Makeup has the power to help and uplift people who are bravely going forward. Shiseido is promoting initiatives to deliver the power of makeup to everyone.

For people with serious skin concerns

We provide advice about makeup techniques to cover serious concerns such as skin discoloration and scars. We also help people whose appearance has been affected by cancer treatment.

For senior citizens

Wearing makeup stimulates the brain and gives a refreshing change. Also, the process of makeup is a good exercise for the body. We have developed a "cosmetic therapy" for senior citizens demonstrating the uplifting power of makeup.

For students,new recruits,office and service workers

For students,new recruits,office and service workers

We offer lessons on makeup appropriate for new recruits and students looking for a job, as well as on makeup for office and service workers. We share skincare methods and other skills that are both useful and healthy.

For persons with disabilities

For persons with disabilities

We offer beauty lessons at special schools and facilities for persons with disabilities.
Beauty lessons are also provided for visually impaired people using braille displays or voice guidance.

Together with society

Shiseido is taking steps for a better society.

Empowerment of rural Bangladesh women

We offer halal-certified skincare products helping local women to improve their social status and gain healthy skin by changing their lifestyle.

Disaster relief activities

Shiseido uses its resources to help disaster victims to come back to their normal lifestyles.

Supporting female researchers

Every year, we present grants to 10 female natural science researchers. We hope that they can continue their research unaffected by childbirth, childcare or nursing care. The grant can be used for a wide variety of purposes, like hiring a research assistant or a babysitter during a business trip.

Toward a rewarding working environment

We are implementing various measures for a better work–life balance and increased productivity of our employees: reviewing work practices, eliminating long working hours, and diversifying working styles.

Environmental conservation

We engage in a variety of environmental conservation activities to realize a "sustainable society where people and the earth exist in a beautiful harmony"

Developing refill products

Shiseido has already developed over 700 refill products. We are set on increasing the number by year 2020.

Conserving biodiversity

All Shiseido products derive from the bounty of the Earth. To pass down this finite bounty to the next generations, we treat it with care and take a proactive approach to the conservation of biodiversity.

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