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Social Responsibility

Employee-led social contribution activities

Social contribution activities by the Shiseido Group employees are mainly the “Mirai Tsubaki Activities” performed by the whole group, and the “Social Contribution Club” in Japan.
Mirai Tsubaki Activities is a social contribution activity in which all the employees in the Shiseido Group throughout the world have been participating from FY2012, the 140th anniversary of Shiseido’s foundation. By performing the activities that employees have formulated and planned themselves, we return our gratitude to customers and society that have supported Shiseido until today.
The Social Contribution Club provides activity programs for employees who are hoping to make a contribution to society, according to their various environments and schedules so that they can choose the activity appropriate for them; it is creating opportunities for the employees to contribute to society.

130 offices throughout the world promoted 979 activities by FY2015.

The employees who participated in the event said, “It is the 5th year of the activity, and we notice the tideland is cleaner than before. We have realized how large an effect continuous actions can make,” “we feel that the members got together more strongly by doing a half day activity and sharing the same experience and feelings”. These words show the activities enhance the bond between the company and local society, as well as between employees.
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Shiseido will continue to promote Mirai Tsubaki Activities in the future to sustain ties with customers and society for a long time.


Easy hair arrangement class for 3rd-grade girl scouts!

Shiseido Professional Brand Unit hosts the “Easy hair arrangement that you can start tomorrow! ” class, targeting 3rd-grade girl scouts.
In this event, which was the second time for us to hold the class, 10 employees participated as lecturers. With the theme of “I love being a girl scout!”, we instructed how to do easy hair arrangement to these girls, who are starting to be interested in fashion. Approximately 160 girl scouts participated, and they worked on hair arrangement with interest and seriousness throughout the class.
Employees who participated shared their voices, such as “Hair arrangement, which I thought was easy, was actually difficult when I tried to teach it. I’m glad that we were able to see their happy faces after finishing the arrangement”.

Pin here!
Pin here!
Fulfilled after the lesson
Fulfilled after the lesson

Kan-etsu Clean Day: Cleaning activities by all offices have become a regular event!

Since April of 2012, each of the 8 offices of the Kan-etsu Branch has been promoting cleaning activities for the community, in which we promote our business activities, twice a year in spring and autumn with the aim of expressing our gratitude for the facts that “Shiseido was able to sustainably exist in society” and “we have work that we can promote with passion every day”.
In 2015, a total of 163 employees participated in the activities in spring and autumn, and we promoted the Kan-etsu Clean Day in all of the offices.
When we promoted activities near Omiya Station in Saitama Prefecture, we often heard words like “Thank you for the hard work!” and “Thank you!” from people who walk by and nearby stores. We felt great about promoting the cleaning activities.
Kan-etsu Clean Day has been established as a regular event for Kan-etsu Branch.

Smiles with their achievement!
Smiles with their achievement!

A number of precious experiences! Volunteer activities at the Japan Guide Dog Association

As part of our support activities for the Japan Guide Dog Association, Research Administration Department of the Research Center works with pamphlet inserts, which are handed to people who participated in street money donation activities and various events, several times a year.
In December of 2015, Bijou, who is a PR dog for the Japan Guide Dog Association, and personnel in charge came to our facility. We worked with pamphlet inserts together.
Many participants were glad to participate, as they shared their voices, such as “It was relaxing” and “We were able to concentrate more than we would have if we had worked alone”.
We also visit the Training Center of the Japan Guide Dog Association near the office to clean the cars used to transport guide dogs and help with grooming the guide dogs, etc.

Concentrating on inserting PR leaflets
Concentrating on inserting PR leaflets
Feeling comfortable with brushing
Feeling comfortable with brushing

We held a makeup seminar for job-hunting, targeting university students!

IPSA held a makeup seminar for job-hunting, targeting university students.
Although it was done in the limited time of 1 hour, we divided into 3 groups to offer makeup lecture and demonstration. By making sure to have enough time for demonstration, we were able to quickly communicate the contents that students could apply. Many questions were asked by students, and the seminar was filled with great energy.
Employees who participated felt a sense of reward, as they said “We were glad to be able to introduce our products while enabling the students to experience the joy of makeup”. The employees also got insights for the next time, as they said “By asking them to fill out a questionnaire before the seminar, we think we will be able to offer accurate advice within a short period of time”. These were productive activities.

Happy lessons full of smiles
Happy lessons full of smiles

Asia and Oceania

Tree-planting activities and community volunteer activities

All 314 employees of Shiseido Malaysia promoted tree-planting activities and volunteer activities in the community as a commemorative project for our 10th anniversary.
In August, we promoted cleaning activities on the beach by picking up trash, broken pieces, and debris. We also planted 350 small seedlings, which are to prevent soil erosion caused by waves, along the coastline near the Malacca Straits in accordance with the instructions provided by the Forestry Department.
Although this was very hard work, we worked up a refreshing sweat in the morning light. We not only strengthened the sense of unity with colleagues but also had a significant to re-acknowledge the importance and responsibility to preserve the community and natural environment for the next generation.

Carefully planting trees one by one
Carefully planting trees one by one
Photographed with all 314 members
Photographed with all 314 members

America and Europe

“We’ve been waiting for this seminar!” –Beauty seminar at “Momiji” facility for the elderly–

Shiseido Canada hosts a beauty seminar twice a year in spring and autumn at “Momiji” facility for the elderly.
We visited the facility for the elderly in May and November again in 2015 and promoted activities, such as skincare and makeup.
People at the facility for the elderly were very happy, saying “We’ve been waiting for this seminar. We are so glad you are here again. You always make us beautiful”.

Special care carried out with full smiles
Special care carried out with full smiles
Softly massaging upward
Softly massaging upward
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