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Social Responsibility

What is Shiseido CSR?

Shiseido's overall image and domains of CSR activities are based on the implementation of "Our Way" and “Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics.”

Basic Concept of Shiseido CSR

We aim to realize a sustainable society through dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders while also promoting management that contributes to the creation of people's beauty and health by developing activities that address social issues and meet expectations.

The Shiseido Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities follow the basic concept of "Our Way" and “Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics,” which denotes action standards that each and every employee should take toward stakeholders based on the Shiseido Group corporate philosophy "Our Mission, Values and Way."

Shiseido Group Corporate Philosophy

Initiatives Related to the United Nations Global Compact

In September 2004, Shiseido announced that it was joining the United Nations Global Compact (opens in new window.), declaring that it would voluntarily work to solve problems and create an international framework for realizing a sustainable society.

As a specific example of our initiatives in this area, in March 2006 we adopted the “Shiseido Group Supplier Code of Conduct [PDF:162KB]” (revised in December 2011), a series of standards governing Shiseido procurement activities, based on the Global Compact's ten principles. In this way, we have joined our business partners in making a commitment to society to pursue procurement activities based on high ethical standards.

In the area of human rights, we continue to pursue initiatives in the context of our own corporate activities. In addition, we joined the CEO Statement, an initiative launched by the Global Compact on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 2008, as part of our program of support for the Global Compact. The statement declares to the world, “We also reiterate our own commitment to respect and support human rights within our sphere of influence. Human rights are universal and are an important business concern all over the globe.”

In the area of environmental activities, we have announced our participation in Caring for Climate, a climate change initiative also being spearheaded by the Global Compact. In addition to striving to protect the environment in our own business activities, Shiseido is committed to offering support for, and actively participating in, international initiatives to address climate change.

Also, in September 2010, Shiseido endorsed “the Women's Empowerment Principles”: a set of practical guidelines collaboratively developed by UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact, and deliberated at the international conference with a multi-stakeholder for companies and private entities to promote women's empowerment in an enterprise and a local community.


Shiseido signed “the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)”

Declaration of participation in the United Nations Global Compact's Initiative on Climate Change

Declaration of participation in the United Nations
Global Compact's Initiative on Climate Change

Letter of certification

Letter of certification

Overall Image of CSR activities

Shiseido’s CSR activities are promoted with the focus on the following 2 domains.

Fundamental CSR

Minimize risks and comply with the laws and regulations to protect the cooperate value, swiftly resolve issues that endanger the survival of the company.

Unique Shiseido CSR

Activities to enhance the corporate value, such as proposal of new values that incorporate social/environmental perspectives as well as social contribution activities, etc., with the aim of creating a beautiful society that will be sustainable well into the future. We promote our original initiatives especially in the Areas of “Women and Beauty”, “Culture” and “Environment”, which have high expectations from the society and in which we can utilize our advantages.

Overall image of CSR activities

CSR Committee

The CSR Committee covers all potential areas in which the Shiseido Group is required to carry out its social responsibilities.
Comprehending social demands/expectations as well as examining the direction of CSR activities, we have understood and evaluated possible risks in management strategies and operating business activities, and taken necessary measures.

A total of three meetings were held in fiscal 2015 to deliberate measurements and assessments concerning significant risks and compliant issues, as well as the creation of a policy to realize social sustainability by Shiseido.

Due to transition to a new organization, the CSR Committee was dissolved by the end of FY2015, and the “Compliance Committee” was established in FY2016. A “Compliance Meeting” will be established in each regional headquarters.

Fiscal 2015 CSR Committee members

・Chairperson President & CEO (Representative Director)
・Members 1 external director, 2 internal directors, 3 corporate officers in charge of individual businesses,
1 department director of Corporate Strategy Department, 1 representative of SHISEIDO Labor Union,
1 outside member, 2 internal corporate auditors (observers)

Important Themes

We have set the Shiseido Group’s important themes for 2020 based on the below concept and procedures.

Important Theme Important Theme
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