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Striving to Serve as a Life-long Partner for People around the World
Masahiko UOTANI Shiseido Group CEO

“Inspiring a life of beauty and culture” is the corporate mission for the Shiseido Group business operations. In other words, we aim to serve as a life-long partner for people around the world to help them achieve greater beauty and spiritual fulfillment through our cutting-edge products and services.

In pursuit of our mission, we formulated a mid- to long-term strategy, VISION 2020, to become a company that will earn the affection of our stakeholders 100 years into the future, and began implementing the strategy in FY2015. We have positioned the first three years of the strategy as a period for rebuilding our business foundations. We are therefore currently concentrating our efforts on enhancing our brand value by increasing investment in marketing and innovations, reinforcing our global business infrastructure, and advancing structural reforms that will enable us to fund further investment. In FY2015, the first year of the period, sales in Japan grew sharply due to brand innovation, demonstrating the solid outcome of our strategy.

With “Think global, Act local” as our motto, starting January 2016 we have delegated considerable authority to our six regional headquarters worldwide to establish an organizational structure that facilitates consumer-oriented activities. In addition, to take our mission of inspiring a life of beauty and culture a step further, at the end of FY2018 we will begin operations of the Global Innovation Center - an R&D facility in Yokohama, an urban open laboratory where direct input from consumers can be obtained. Furthermore, we are establishing a new global supply chain management base in Osaka that will dually function as a plant and a logistics hub, with operations commencing in 2020. Thus we will ensure swift delivery of high quality products to consumers within and outside Japan. Such measures exemplify our efforts to buttress our business infrastructure from a mid- to long-term perspective.

The Shiseido Group’s products are sold in about 120 countries around the world. We are striving for the support and appreciation by consumers and societies worldwide, giving back to society a variety of tangible and intangible values we have fostered in fields beyond our business. Our ultimate goal is to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy happiness through beauty. We will continue to ensure that each and every Shiseido Group employee worldwide can enhance and fully demonstrate their capacity both as a professional and a human being, and work cohesively as a team in order to create and deliver products and services that help people around the globe achieve greater beauty and spiritual fulfillment in their lives. We look forward to the continued support of our stakeholders.

Masahiko Uotani

Masahiko UOTANI
Shiseido Group CEO

April 2016

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