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Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Corporate Officers


Scope of Responsibilities
Masahiko Uotani Representative Director, President and CEO
Jun Aoki Representative Director,
Corporate Executive Officer

Tsunehiko Iwai Director

External Directors

Yoko Ishikura External Director
Shoichiro Iwata External Director
Kanoko Oishi External Director
Tatsuo Uemura External Director

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Yoshinori Nishimura Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time)
Kyoko Okada Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time)
Nobuo Otsuka Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External)
Hiroshi Ozu Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External)
Eiko Tsujiyama Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External)

Corporate Officers

Scope of Responsibilities
Yoichi Shimatani Corporate Executive Officer R&D Strategy, GICIntegrated Operations, Cosmetics Technical information Development, Cosmetics R&D, Intellectual Property, Advanced Research, Incubation, Safety&Analitycs Research
※Global Innovation Center
Shigekazu Sugiyama Corporate Executive Officer Japan Region Chief Executive Officer
Norio Tadakawa Corporate Executive Officer Chief Finance Officer, Finance, Financial Management, Investor Relations, Business Development
Jean-Philippe Charrier Corporate Officer Asia Pacific Region Chief Executive Officer
Kentaro Fujiwara Corporate Officer China Region Chief Executive Officer
Katharina Höhne Corporate Officer Grobal Professional Business
Masaya Hosaka Corporate Officer Supply Network Strategy, Production Technology, Supply & Purchasing, Global Business Support, Japan Business Support, Factories, Frontier Science Business
Mitsuru Kameyama Corporate Officer ICTStrategy&Platform, Global System
※Information & Communication Technology
Yoshiaki Okabe Corporate Officer SHISEIDO Brand, Global Prestige Brands
Yoshihiro Shiojima Corporate Officer Legal & Governance, Risk management, Sustenability Strategy, Regulatory Strategy, Quality Management, Consumer Center, Shiseido Japan Co.,Ltd.
Mikiko Soejima Corporate Officer Beauty Creation
Yukari Suzuki Corporate Officer Clé de Peau Beauté Brand, Global Prestige Brands
Naomi Yamamoto Corporate Officer Creative
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