What is #BeautyEmpowers?

Beauty has the power to change
you and your life.

Shiseido supports the beauty in each one of you and the beautiful way of living for everyone.
#BeautyEmpowers is a collaborative initiative to explore and promote the power of beauty, together with you.
For this project, we aim to create eight different "Power of Beauty"-themed movies together with teams recruited through SNS.



Eight teams, made up mostly of students, were selected.
Each team's idea was turned into a movie.
And Shiseido hair & makeup artists gave a hand during the shooting!

And the winner is...
Grand Winner

What Makes Me Me


What we think of as our flaws is what makes us unique, and makeup has the power to make it shine.

Winning team's comment

We are absolutely surprised and overwhelmed with this victory! We changed our plan altogether after a lecture at Shiseido, and we never expected such an effect. I personally retired from work at the end of September, so this was in a way my “graduation project.” Makeup can light up the faces of all kinds of people with smiles – that’s the message we hopefully conveyed through this movie.

Winning team and Shiseido Creative Director Masato Kosukegawa

Winning team "rendez-vous" and Shiseido Creative Director Masato Kosukegawa

Special Jury Award

After Classes = Fight Time


Off goes the bell... No second to lose for high school girls! Wanna win that guy's heart? Fight with makeup!

Winning team's comment

・Other teams demonstrated a high level, which made me rather nervous... All the happier to get such a wonderful award!

・This project was a great opportunity to learn. We had regrets about the name of the team, which we chose on the spur of the moment, but I’m happy that in the end everyone remembered it!

・This was my first challenge of this kind and I was very apprehensive, but I’m glad the three of us have made it till the end, and with such a great result!

Winning team and Shiseido Creative Director Masato Kosukegawa

Winning team "EMOEMO PENGUIN" and Shiseido Creative Director Masato Kosukegawa

  • Encouragement


    A minute before she starts on a journey, she sits down in front of the mirror. Full of apprehension, she looks up and...

  • Can I Be One?

    Yusuke Iwatani

    A movie about the universal desire to be beautiful.

  • Take a Step.


    Let's take a step together. There's a whole world out there. Makeup is a tool that encourages you to step out.

  • I can be me


    Nobody is perfect. Everyone is inevitably flawed. But, I can be me.

  • Be yourself.

    Natsuwohashiro Iinkai

    See yourself in a mirror, put some makeup on. Be yourself.

  • Directed by an actual college girl! A genderless makeup movie, "This Is Also Me."


    Facing a challenge requires courage. But if I take this step, I'll be able to enjoy myself more.
    This is a story of a girl who takes on the challenge to be her new self.



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