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Activities of the Beauty Creation Department

Hair & Makeup Artist

In Shiseido, there are approximately 40 hair & makeup artists who have been active in a variety of fields. The hair & makeup artists belong to Beauty Creation Department and are assigned to “Creation,” “Beauty Method,” and “Education” which are getting ahead of the times.



The hair & makeup artists have created and delivered “new beauty” through their activities for Shiseido’s promotional advertisement and public relations, and also for fashion shows such as Paris/NY Collections.

  • Creation/delivery of hair & makeup works
  • Proposal/delivery of hair & makeup
  • Promotion production
  • Promotion makeup
  • Collections (fashion show)
  • Events
  • Creation/proposal/delivery of hair trends


The hair & makeup artists collect information regarding NY/Paris/Tokyo Collections, etc. and propose and deliver the latest hair & makeup trends. They also participate in product development including color creation for new products. They research makeup method and develop effective usage in order to bring out people’s respective beauty from a standpoint of customers, and reflect these into counseling activities at counters.

Beauty information development01
Beauty information development02


The hair & makeup artists are in charge of cultivation of beauty technique professionals who take responsibilities for the next generation and technical education for beauty consultants who provide customer service at counters.

  • Cultivation of beauty technique professionals
  • Technical education in SABFA (opens in new window.) (Japanese Only) (Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion)
  • Education of sales persons
Beauty technique education

Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist

With their mission to lead and advance the global beauty industry, Shiseido's elite professional beauty team stays at the forefront of the latest and most innovative trends in beauty and fashion.

  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist01
  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist02
  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist03
  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist04
  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist06
  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist07
  • Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist08

Shiseido beauty specialist

Shiseido’s Beauty Specialists (SBS) are the representatives of highly trained beauty consultants selected from approximately 12,000 employees. In 2014, three SBSs with the supreme skills were authorized as Shiseido's Beauty Top Specialists(SBTS).
SBSs also have a role of spreading Shiseido's spirit of hospitality all over the world as well as Japan, through the promotional representation in promotional events at home and abroad, the beauty technique education for beauty consultants, the development of beauty information and the sales promotional activities for customers.

  • Shiseido Beauty Top Specialist

    Shiseido Beauty Top Specialist

  • Shiseido Beauty Specialist

    Shiseido Beauty Specialist
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