The Advertising and Design Department of Shiseido celebrated its 100-year anniversary last year.

From the establishment of the original "Design Department" in 1916 to the present,
we have created new values while inheriting Shiseido's unique aesthetics.

Over the next 100 years, we intend to continue offering a "beauty" unique to Shiseido.
As a symbol of this hope, we have created "SHISEIDO DESIGN NEXT 100."
On the "This is the Ginza Shiseido Advertisement Department" site as well, a theme of "creativity for the next 100 years" has been set for the whole year.

Ginza is the town where the Design Department was first born 100 years ago.
Up till now and into the future, we will continue to offer the world "beauty" from our home in Ginza.

It is with this hope that we prepare an English version of the site in order to deliver Shiseido's design aesthetic to an even wider audience.

The staff of the Advertising and Design Department, Shiseido.


The Advertising and Design Department currently comprises nearly 100 creators.
From among these, we actively introduce works by the young creators who will construct the future of Shiseido over the next 100 years.

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Product packaging, window displays, promotional advertisements, digital works...
Staff from the Advertising and Design Department speak with experts and creators from their respective fields regarding Shiseido design works produced since 2000, as well as future possibilities, and explore the future "beauty" towards which Shiseido should be heading.

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Without being bound to the frame of current cosmetics, we conduct research on state-of-the-art digital communications and develop content based on current social perspectives for publication on the website.

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